• fuel preasure is low ? check the pump might be weak an theres a inline filter
  • I would put a fuel pressure gage on it and MAKE sure it IS the pump. If you are having multiple Fuel pump problems, I would first preform a Current draw test on the pump you have now. If they are drawing too much current, they will fail at a higher rate. USUALLY anything over 4-5amps is too much. If the pump is drawing more it is the pump. IF the pressure is staying between 60-66psi the pump is operating as designed. I would also, check the connector that plugs into the pump make sure all the terminals are good, not burned and good terminal tension. I Hope this helps.
  • Myself the first thing I would do is clean the throttle body. It's very easy and cheap to do. I have seen this before on older vehicles and for the $10 and little time it takes I would give it a whirl.
  • throttle body gasket is leaking
  • It sounds like you might have a mass air sensor problem. It is located right outside the airbox. It is inline in the airtube. It may seem that it is fuel starved, but quite the contrary it is actually air starved. You can replace it yourself in about 15 to 20 minutes, and it will cost you about $140.00 dollars. Good luck!

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