• Ice is water,so I don't think it would be harmful.The long term effects might be to stand coldness in the mouth?
  • If you swallow 24 ice cubes at once, someone from the Guiness Book of World Records will be contacting you. i can barely drink and icee without freezing my ears off. Unbelievable. ice is water and will not hurt you.
  • mabye i cant do 24 but i can definately do 12 ....but ....does that record even exist in the book of records?
  • I actually wondered something similar myself. I don't think there are any long term effects, the ice will just melt in your stomach. But I wondered if it will melt immediately in the acid, or if it might slowly melt while lowering your body temperture ever so slightly. (I'm assuming you swallowed multiple ice cubes.) Does anyone know?
  • Rapid temperature changes damage the enamel and the tensile strengh on the teeth. Since your teeth are naturally at around 30 degrees centigrade by eating ice you ar rapidly reducing your teeths protection. It is also advicable not to eat ice and there is a chance that you will catch a cold or get a headache.
  • Not if you're Mr. Freeze. ^_^

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