• YEAH, but they DO rock!! does anyone their age in your neighborhood act like them>?
  • hahahah yea
  • lol ... i like it, prehaps we should send your lyric alteration suggestion to
  • HA! HA! HA!
  • OMG that is such a funny visual. Yes, they are old enough to change the lyrics now.
  • That's funny.
  • Thats Funny!! LMAO!
  • You know the rolling stones have always been the real article not hideing from someeones age comments, the life on the road has been long and Mick Keith have seen them come and go. alot dead because of over indulgence. What mick and keith would do as a morbid experiment was to let all the hanger ons you know like the ones hanging around with the band , What they would do is lay out ounces of dope as much as they could phyically take and watch them to see them do to much as give the hanger ons more until they were to fucked up to do any thing I mean people falling down stupid drunk,and take pictures of them. Where mick did drugs but not lots keeping the focus on the band and not lettintg the drugs become everything and not forgetting the mucic comes first. Keith had his own thing happening and he was looked after in every respect, keith was always there and no matter his condition the band was the ticket that was making every thing happen. Sooner or later the hanger ons fell off, or got kicked off the rolling stones wild ride. This has been a fact that has kept the band moving forward not staying idle. sure they had a couple of years down time in the 80s but they have been comming out every year since. Like the bigger bang was more or less a continuation of birdges to babylon. So is saying that mick has got a cane and being old and keith in a rocking chair. sure. But is respect for them they age into a fine wine ,and now they are the cognac ,brandy and they have earned the right to be given to toast to the years
  • the stones are old but they still kick ass'
  • Yes. The Strolling Bones are definitely old enough for that!
  • So funny! This image will stay with me forever now every time I see Mick Jagger! LOL!
  • LOL, too funny! I'm actually picturing that in my head! They might be getting up there, but they still rock!!

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