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  • All that I can think of is sucking them.
  • ummm guys nips aren't "hooked up". Doubtful anything would "drive him crazy" any more so on a nipple than a finger, elbow, kneecap, <insert any other non-erogenous nerve ending here>. If you two are still in puppy love tho, then anything would "drive him crazy".
  • Well, you could kiss then, lick them, GENTLY suck on them and let your teeth graze them..... The thing with men's nipples is that they are not AS sensitive as a woman's, but some men do like the sensation of being played with there. You can be a little rougher with them than you would be with a girl, but make sure that you don't hurt the poor guy. I would recommend, if he's not responsive to his nipples being played with, trying kissing and nibbling his side just about his hip bone.
  • As a woman, you should take your tounge and move it around the nipple close to the middle in a clockwise motion. Though, remember some men don't get turn on by that.
  • I don't think many guys get turned on by the touch of the nipple, as girls do. I would instead, suck on the guys earlobe. That always seems to turn a guy on.
  • Stroke or lick baby!
  • Before you start pushing, pulling, licking or sucking it sometimes helps to ask if they like it. for example a measurable of women don't like their breast/nipples messed with. As a man, having my nipples played with really is more of a turn off than a turn on. If you want to please your partner-ask them what pleases them.
  • its all in the flick of the tongue, and a little sucking
  • I like to suck, and lick all over them.
  • Pour lighter fluid and set them on fire. He'll flip!
  • Outside of sucking.. chest on chest action always works for me.
  • some guys like it and some dont. I was dating this one guy who got so turned on by it. but i also dated another guy that it did not turn him on at all. but if he likes it its all about licking, flicking and rubbing hard with your tongue...suckng is good too!!
  • a soft stroke,, gives him goose bums in a good way lol
  • Leave it alone.
  • I don't get the same sensations that say............women do. More than 20 seconds and I feel desensitized to it.........
  • My nipples are definitely an erogenous zone, definitely the most sensitive part of my body. I love to have them licked, nothing turns me on more. After I got them peirced they got EVEN MORE sensitive, even feeling them jiggle when I walk arouses me, the feeling of a nice material brushing against them, the feeling of the cold thick metal through them. I love to have them sucked on, it is the best feeling in the world.
  • nibble it a lil bit try giving him a nice tummy scratch
  • Kissing everywhere but there... ...or maybe making an erotic display or your tongue approaching it, followed by a brief lick and soft chilling blow of cool breath
  • Suck, pinch, bite, hot wax and more if your into at bit rougher sex!!
  • Clothes pegs. Clip them on, leave them for 30 seconds then pull them off. Awesome!

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