• My question to you is this - why are you pressing, if you know he avoids it? If it ain't broke, don't fix it! If you're both as happy as you say, a marriage license is just a piece of paper. If *you* really want to be married, and he doesn't does that make you unhappy? Unhappy enough to end your relationship? 'Cause I hate to tell you, if you keep talking about it he'll eventually become bitter. What's so important about being married? What will marriage give you that you don't already have? Will it 'validate' your *already* happy lives together? Or are you feeling pressure to be married from outside sources (eg. family, friends, etc.)? Relax. Enjoy your lives together.
  • Not all men as not all women find it easy to say "I love you". Some are shy others are afraid of the commitment. Look back into what you have done and said, perhaps there is this little something you did not believe important but it was very important for him. You must try to be in his shoes, he has two kids and you have two in all that is already four children. I don't know if your kids father is in the picture, I have the feeling this must in some way not make your boyfriend feel too easy about it. It is a difficult start. Think on how his relationship with your kids is and yours with his. Will he see his parental rights affected if he gets married again? Does his ex control any of this situation? Could he have doubts about your kids father? If I were in your situation I would think very much about these issues not the fact that he loves you. Observe what goes on around you and every little thing that happens, you will then be capable of taking your own decisions by being wise and thinking in the well being of those who you care for. Good luck.
  • He is not ready for a new marriage I think. The worst thing you can do is to put pressure on him. Just keep calm and wait, if he really loves you he will marry you and it won't be a barrier for your couple. Just give him some time to decide.
  • He clearly does not want to make that kind of commitment. If he really does love you he would want to marry you. He would be asking you instead of you asking him.
  • Because he's still "trialing the goods" before seeing if they are worth buying. My guess is that he knows he can get better, just not on his current pay packet.

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