• No,there nothing wrong with it.
  • Generally it's refered to as Narcissism, but I couldn't really say for sure without knowing what you're thinking about.
  • I do this too. A lot. I decided to google some related phrases after one particularly long stretch of time spent in front of the mirror, because it seemed like "weirdo" behavior. But really I didn't find much besides the obvious narcissism explanation. I guess I have some degree of attraction to myself: I think I look pretty good, or at least my face is appealing. But what I do isn't really vain, but rather therapeutic. My mind begins to wander, and the baggage of the day is lost in a very peaceful and silent moment. I walk away feeling very relaxed. The longer you look at yourself, the more you begin to question why your face looks so familiar, and so you see yourself as you might be seen by a dog or other animal: very alien and different from other mammals. Why is one face pretty and another ugly, when really they all just have features, similar but different? Why does a smile feel so good, why do you grit your teeth in rage? This isn't a typical "answer," but I think you aren't really going to find any hard facts about this kind of thing. I've been looking for some recognition of this behavior in an established scientific manner, but it doesn't appear to exist.
    • Percussion
      You smile because you feel good not the other way around.
  • i dont see anything wrong with it but it sounds boring to do that for long periods of time

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