• GREAT QUESTION!!! and yes i tell people what they want to hear just to make peace at times and it makes me feel good that i made the situation better but worse because it's not how i am truly feeling!!!! sometimes it's easier to just make peace....UGH!!
  • depends if i like them or not, if i dont really like them ill tell them the truth plus more to spoil there fun. hahah]
  • Only if the person is very broken up, and needing that kind of support. I feel bad about lying, but good about helping.
  • i try not to lie to them, but help them see the positive side if possible.
  • I find it best to say nothing at all, unless ask directly, no point lying, but you can only be there to support that person, but I guess it depends what the answer will do, if it is of no consequence then there is no harm in the little white lie, but other lies can snowball into larger lies that can ultimately destroy friendships / relationships / etc and I think often the biggest lie is " I love you " said far too often when not the case
  • I try NOT to lie. I try to say things that are true that may be JUST SHORT of hurting someone, and I don't say anything further unless it's DEMANDED of me, and I can't convince them that they don't WANT to know. SOME people would call that a "lie by omission", but if it's going to hurt somebody, and you KNOW it, why would you do it if you didn't HAVE to?
  • The only time lying is bad is when it is done to defraud somebody or take advantage of them. Any other use of not telling the whole truth is valid.
  • I basically have no filter, I have to control myself to not be blunt. I try not to be cruel, but I'm pretty honest with the people in my life.

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