• Im so sorry to hear that you have been cheated on especially after 4 years! Its terrible when it happens to anyone regardless male or female, ive been single all my life i have never felt the hurt of being cheated on or doing the cheating, but i know for sure it really hurts! All i can suggest you do is try to keep your head above water and you were the loyal one in the relationship, try if you can to go out with your friends if you feel you can move on to another relationship then good on you, time is a healer and the pain will ease i wish you everyluck in the future and hope that you can trust women again and be able to meet some one else when the time is right, good luck.
  • Im not sure how, but 3 days ago I found out my girlfriend of 4 years has been having sex multiple times with a close friend. I knew it was going to happen but after 4 years I assumed it would take alot to make her cheat, but I was wrong. Regardless I might be taking her back. I dont know why other than I didnt make the decision to cheat, she did, and I still love her. It's hard, especially since she sees him just about everyday at work and hes still madly in love with her, but I somehow have trust in her and think she wants me instead.
  • I was in a relationship for nearly 5 years (this was a long time ago), someone I had met in high school, and then we went to different colleges. I was so in love with him, and when he told me he wouldn't be visiting me for Christmas because he wanted to be with someone else and they were already having sex, I was devestated. It broke me in ways that I'm sure only people that have had this happen have experienced. I know you are dying inside right now. It took me a LOOOONG time to get over him. atfirst I cried all the time, and all I could do is just keep reminding myself to breath, eat and sleep. I was so sad and so helpless. Then the sadness turned into anger. and I mean white hot anger. So I joined a kickboxing class so if I ever saw him again I could damage him. Of course that never happend, but it gave me an outlet. Try to find your outlet, try to consume your day with things, but also allow yourself time to cry. Do not keep it built up inside of you or it will eat you alive. So I guess to put it simply...give yourself time to be sad, then get angry, keep busy and then one day you'll realize you hadn't thought about her for a minute...and then the next day it will be for an hour. YOu'll get over it. Unfortunately, though, it will take time. But everyone here on Answerbag will support you. If you'd like to talk more, my email is
  • oh my goodness, even the talk of cheating comes up and i get so emotional. my boyfriend of a very long time, who was the sweetest thing, and begged for me to date him for 7 months cheated. it killed me. i cried everyday. and now he apologized, and said not to let anybody know he apologized.. i know how bad it hurts. but what you need to do; is keep your head held high. Know your an attractive person, and you deserve better than that anyways. and that you found out now, which is better than later then you having been deeper into it already. try going on a couple of dates. having fun nights out!
  • Une jam Petrit Asllani edhe um ka ndodh me e tradhtu femnen teme po ajo nuk e din... UNe jam mashkull edhe nuk um han, per sa ajo nuk e merr vesh krejt eshte mire...Femnat jan veq per me i qi edhe per kurgjo tjeter, krejt jan kurva...veq i lshoj lajka per me i nxan edhe per me i qi, tani i tham kishe i du po apet vazhdoj me qi sa tmuj...
  • I don't think you ever really get over it, but you do move on. Problem is that you're always suspicious in late relationships and that's too bad.

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