• For what it's worth...I've noticed a lot of folks answering my questions or commenting positively on my answers...yet no points.
  • I truly haven't noticed , I always give points -- + 5
  • well seeing as it is just past midnight here... I think you should give it a bit more time (lol) actually I've gotten about 200 points today and went up three levels... so no not really.
  • Newer people don't always give points on question or answers, and I have to admit, I don't always remember on the questions. If I get comments on my answers (even just a "thanks"), I usually remember to, though (ANOTHER reason to say "Thanks! ;-) ) Some of the "biggie" point givers appear to be taking a break from AB. Hopefully the will return, soon. +
  • i'm new here as of today so i'm being a little stingy with the points unless i really think the question has meaning or educational value, same for the answer too i guess.
  • I've seen a trend over the last few weeks of zero points being given. I see questions with several good answers, and none of the answers have any points at all. Have people decided not to "vote" on good questions anymore?
  • I'd say it's been the case in the last month or so...I feel your pain +3 ;)
  • I'll give everyone points!!!
  • This question is old, but the same thing is happening. People seem stingy with their points, which I don't understand.
  • I believe I was slack and you were sly. +2pts
  • I've come to notice that it is the ebb and flow of AB. Some days the points arent there and some days its a flood. It seems like people catch up and point people that answer their questions maybe a day or 2 later. I know that happens to me sometimes, I get answers but I dont check my AB account for 2 days. Doesnt mean they dont get pointed, just not right away. Anyway the points to me are "pointless" lol, I'm here to help. But I do make it a point to always give points to each person who answered the question that I am currently answering myself, and of course those who answer my questions and who I feel are helpful. No point in being stingy ;)) points are FREE!!!!
  • Yeah im not feeling the full AB love tonight. It angers me slightly when people answer my question without giving points, not because I am point obsessed just because it seems a little rude me. Ok rant over. =D
  • Nope...I've been giving lots of points, some on really old q's and a's, and have gotten a few today...maybe it's that today (in US, 2 days after Thanksgiving) people are out shopping or watching sports or something.
  • It seems recently that a lot of people leave a comment and do not rate the question. Maybe they just forget. At least if they comment they have bothered to read the answer.

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