• yes. little boys have erections from the first time they feel some friction down there... and learn to masturbate not much later. it feels good down there... even when you're three... (maybe even more so, because it's so damned mysterious and yours... like you're the only person to ever discover such a thing...)
  • Yes . . . even babies sometimes have them.
  • Yes,of course it is. Even babies actually masturbate sometimes, not having a clue as to what they're doing, of course.
  • This is completly normal. It might not be for the same reason a grown man gets it, but they do realize it feels good. My sister in law is a preschool teacher and she has had little girls even, sitting in their chairs masturbating on the chair.
  • Yes. There is nothing strange about it.
  • A lot of the discussion here seems to be about masturbation. But the answer to the question is YES, baby boys normally have erections. Erections are not triggered at the onset of puberty. During puberty erections become uncontrollable but that does not mean they never happened before.
  • Yes. The phenomenon begins from birth, and perhaps before. It occurs long before any reproductive capability.

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