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  • "Homosexual" and "gay" are contemporary social constructs. I can say that back in the good old days a lot of "straight" (also a construct) young guys I picked up have been overcome by an urge to suck my dick while I was sucking theirs, but as far as I could tell over a few years they were "straight" except for now and then they'd be on the special block in the evening hoping to be picked up by some man who'd take them off for a beer and a blowjob and maybe make a few bucks. They insisted they were straight and I didn't argue with them. They had girlfriends and eventually babies. But they were fun tricks.
  • Giver, reciever. Pitcher or catcher .oral or anal Once you cross the line you are what you are!!!
  • NO I am not gay but I did have the chance to be with a shemale one time and I sucked her dick and I did really like it a lot but it was a one time thing and i would never take a dick over pussy but I am glad I did it just to see what it was like. I could never to that with a normal guy as I do not find guys attractive at all but a guy that looks like a sexy girl, well I would do it again
  • never done it myself... doubt one time would do it though
  • Oh, the rampant dysfunction. You are people, all people. The truth of "what you are", is the source of your dysfunction, your mind resolving the questions. Stop thinking so god damn much, and just be.
  • Up until about 6 years ago I considered myself straight. My wife and I had been sharing with our friends for about 20 years, doing MFM threesomes for most of those 20 years. Then about 6 years ago when my wife my friend and I were in a MFM threesome, I was eating my wife's pussy when I looked up I saw my friends had put his cock in my face. I don’t know why, but I put my lips around it started sucking, stroking, and massaging his cock with my tongue. My hands were rubbing on his cock, balls, and ass. Giving him a blow job felt so natural and I couldn’t believe that I was enjoying so much. That is when I knew that I was no longer straight, I was bisexual. A bi person will have sex with both men and women. A Straight guy will not give or receive blow jobs from guys a second time – the first time is experimenting.
  • In my opinion, if a (so called) straight guy sucks dyck, every other straight guys would say he's most definitely gay, whether he thinks so or not. Even Bi guys, are gay guys, to straight guys.
  • If it is just for once it is experimenting. One doesn't make you gay. Being gay is a preference.
  • I'm straight and I sucked a cock November, once in February.....once in Gawd, seems like so many people want to be so quick to slap each other with labels. If both people are ok with it, are consenting adults, go have fun. Life is too short to get hung up on labels.
  • I believe that you give a man oral sex, that only makes you bisexual. In my opinion, anybody who does more, like hugging, kissing or ass fucking is considered gay.
  • If a guy sucks dick it doesn't mean that he's a homosexual. Look at a lot of fraternity and military men (you don't have to admit it here guys, God knows you wouldn't in public). Most of the time it's just a means to an end, or "helping a buddy".
  • I would say doing it once experimentally wouldn't necessarily make a guy gay. But in general any guy who sucks dick or gets fucked in the ass is gay.
  • I believe that people love 2 experiment whatever they want and if guy want 2 try it once then fine for me i have not done it i dont know if i ever will but if girl experiment then we should be a little loser and try it if u want
  • Trust me guys I am a female once you suck it you are hooked!
  • I never have, but I guess I am curious about it and I might just do it if a dick ended up in front of me one day!!!!!
  • i consider myself strait. but i have sucked and been sucked by a guy. when it first happened i was so confused. but now i don't think it that big of a deal. i do not find men attractive so that means I'm not really gay.
  • Yeah i would say some guys probaly try and experiment with it once to see what it is like Some might be at the bicurious stage of their lives I have heard about a straight guy who does gay male porn but how that works i dont know
  • I am happily married for years and do not get aroused when I see men in clothes or shorts or like that. But the times I have sucked dick were arranged where to meet and when, and once there the excitement of getting naked with another man was and is very enjoyable. After the first time I knew I had to do it again, so I guess I realize I am bi-sexual. I have done it like a dozen times with only 3 differant guys.
  • If a guy asked my husband to suck his dick, my husband would punch him in the face. Just sayin.
  • "Straight" refers to attraction, not behavior. A gay guy can most definitely have sex with a woman, but he is STILL GAY. This is because he is still attracted to men, regardless of whether he's even had sex with them. Likewise, a straight guy can give a man a blow job (or receive one) without it "making" him gay. You can describe the behavior as gay if you want, but he may still be straight if he is not attracted to the guy. Think military, prison, college dorms -- all kinds of guy-on-guy action goes on among straight men in such situations.
  • it's known big deal i've done it a couple of times so WHAT....
  • They were gay when they did it, unless it was forced, but it doesn't mean they are still gay.
  • I was straight until I was 34. That is when I first sucked a dick. Now I am 54. Once I did it the first time, I considered myself bisexual, not gay. I don't believe a man cah suck a dick and call himself straight. However, if a guy lets a man suck his dick and doesn't suck the other guys dick, he could be considered straight. That is my opinion. I was a member of a website. In my profile, I listed myself as bisexual. I also specified that I was not gay. I got 2 emails from 2 different guys that said something like, "Of course you're gay, you sucked a dick." Either they are ignorant, or they just don't know any better. I should have told them, "Drop off your wife or girlfriend, let her stay overnight and pick her up in the morning. Then ask her if I'm gay. I believe that what makes a man gay is when he has feelings for a man, or when he does more than suck or get sucked, like kissing, hugging or ass fucking. I don't do any of that, but let guy pull out his cock, and I'll polish his knob. I know a place where men hang out looking for sex. I never heard any insults. These guys will either jack off together, suck your cock or let you give them a blowjob. If you say you don't want to do a certain thing, they'll respect your wishes. Everyone usually leaves there a happy camper. I guess you'ld like to know where this place is. My lips are sealed, sometimes around a cock.
  • I am a firm believer that sex has nothing to do with being gay. I consider "gay" to be two people of the same sex, in love or wanting to be with each other all of the time, not some horny old str8 guy looking for an easy bj and gives one in return. From posts that I have seen, many older men have the deisre to suck another guy. They have no desires to kiss, hug, love or do anything other than getting off quick and easy. I wouldn't call him gay, if it was one time or twenty.
  • I am straight and never have before. However, I would like to try it once just to find out why women love doing it soo much. Just curiosity is all! +3
  • Staright guys have never sucked dick. Sucking dick for a guy means he is not straight, whether it was once or 100 times.
  • I sucked a tranny over a condom. I was not too good. He finished himself be masturbating. One time is experimenting. But like one of the posts says you will probably get hooked.
  • will a guy get pregant if licks his dick
  • I think it depends on the circumstances. If it is done for experimentation then this is normal. If it happens more regularly then it is likely there are some bisexual or gay feelings there for them to enjoy it so much. I think only the guy himself knows how gay he is and what his sexual preferences are.
  • it's not gay unless you cuddle afterwords. but the straight guy has to be really curious or really drunk.
  • It doesnt make you a homosexual but it does make you so so gay.
  • Yes, without a doubt. Every guy as well girl. Is going to have different likes, dislikes and curiosities. Look, it's not that unusual for children to experiment. You show me your, I show you mine. If society never said it was wrong. What would happen? I think it pretty clear there would be a much larger percentage of the population that was bisexual. From the Romans to the Greeks. To the Tribes in New Guinea and the entire animal kingdom. Even the insects. Have proven this to be the case. Its only in the last forty years, people stopped thinking, started following. Look put a guy in jail for long enough. Ask a marine about cohesion. Take a trip to the middle east! It's not a reflection on a guys masculinity! It will not make him lesser. If anything greater. Opening one self up to other ideas. Will undoubtedly, benefit and promote emotional intelligence, empathy, understanding and integrity. The backbone of dynamic individual. No matter how well read one is. How many degrees they hold. Emotional intelligence is not fostered in a class room. Some of the most intelligent people are emotionally stupid. Emotional intelligence succeeds IQ. Its predominantly North American that is hung up on the idea. That the act of sucking a dick or two men together. Determines ones whole sense of being. Think about it. How does an action, change how one identities himself to others. Everyone has done things they never considered they would do. That does not make them something else. Its not up to someone else to determine or decide who some one else it. Besides a person sexuality is only one small facet of their character. One of the lesser dynamic ones in forming their overall personality or nature. Yes, there are exception to this. Some more than others, some less. God know, I certain. Would not want everyone to be the same. Would that resolve this age old fear instill in society by religion. Ultimately, the purpose being one more way to control, identify and class people. It's about time we all evolve. Focus on more important things. Its long over due!
  • I'd sure like a 'straight' guy to suck my cock...
  • I'd sure like a straight guy to suck my cock...last time one did, it was really much better than many women-I'm SURE it was because of the strong desire to do a good 'job'. The amount of cum was impressive!
  • I am a straight guy with a girlfriend, who i have been dating for over a year now, and have occasionally given oral sex to my guy friends. It's not a frequent event, but i do on occasion like to suck a dick. I sure as hell am not gay but i am curious.
  • Im straight with a girl friend but her friend is a shemale and I have sucked her cock. even got wasted and sucked here and her boyfriend off. Im totally hooked and would never pass up an opportunity to suck a thick dick.

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