• A bomb is an explosive device fused to detonate under certain conditions. A rocket is any vehicle propelled by a rocket engine, which is a jet engine containing its own propellant and driven by reaction propulsion. A rocket that is carrying a warhead, bomb, or explosive charge is referred to as a missile. Adam Garner: First of all, if you wish to post a separate answer, do so. Please don't use the comment section to try to answer the question. Second, Wikipedia is NOT the ultimate authority on ANYTHING. I answered the question that was asked, considering the wording of the question and the category, and definition per types of propellant didn't seem applicable. This kind of nit-picking is why I've largely stopped posting here, so rest assured you are undermining answerbag, rather than contributing.
  • I thought that I would add that in reference to ordinance released from from a fighter jet or other military vehicle, a missle usually has some sort of guiding system for tracking and following a target, and rockets are unguided and typically fly in a straight line to their target. Both of them have types of explosive warheads usually. Bombs used to just be unguided, heavy, iron, filled with high explosives. Bombs today are becoming more sophisticated. Tracking and steering systems are being added to bombs to make them more accurate and effecient. Then we get into Cruise Missles, which are long range missles that can fly long distances at high speeds to their target, around mountains and even buildings sometimes. Advanced cruise missles can even carry their own payloads of bombs and drop them wherever programmed to do so. A guided missle, programmed to fly to its target and recieve updated information from satellites, carrying its own smaller unguided or guided bomb weaponry... The bad guys never know what hits em :)
  • A Bomb is unpowered (though they can be guided) A Rocket is powered, but unguided. A Missile is powered and guided. There are exceptions to these definitions in that they only hold true for modern weapons of war. An arrow is also termed a missile, though it is unpowered and unguided (after it has left the bow). Space borne rockets are both powered and guided (unless they are ICBMs in which case they are modern weapons of war and termed missiles).
  • A bomb is usually timed or set off whenever, and a missile is usually fired at a target and explodes when it hits something. Some missiles are like bombs in a a way and will explode in midair at a certian elevation. A rocket is usually something that will go into space, and like a missile, explode at a target.
  • A Rocket: A fart that exudes from ones asshole with extrordinary force and depending on the anal apertature, in this case a medium bore bunghole, methane and poop bits exit from one's ass cheeks at rates tyoically traveling at 10-20 feet per second. A Missle: A fart that exits from a narrow bore anal aperature. Due to the consriction of flow, methane and microscopic poop bits acclerate (think of a nozzle on a garden hose) at twice the muzzle velocity of a rocket...typically upwards of 45 feet per second although undocumented accounts have attested to muzzle velocities approaching 60 feet per second, a rate that is reputed to have the ability to breach egyptian cottons and older synthetics if tighty worn..(think about old biker pants without the added padded crotch.) A Bomb: A bomeb can originate as either a rocket or a missle but the end result is what differentiates it from both. A bomb mutates from its rather normal Rocket/missle origins due to temporary weakness in the rectal walls resulting in a residual, unexpelled build up of gasses (think of a plugged cannon) until the sphincter muscle charged with maintaining anal tone is breached causing immediate dialation and an exxagerated expulsion of the built-up gases. Bombs are unsophisticated, lack true consistentcy of sound and are reputed to have caused hemmorage and temporary anal leakage weeks after an event. It is quite common for a bomb to have an accompaning "purge" as undigested meats and cheeses long fermented into a gastric paste are often freed from rectal walls during the "stretch" phase (think arterial embolism) of the compartmentalized, backed-up gases just prior to catastrphic release. I hope this helps in recognizing, describing and identifying Missles, Bombs and Rockets. Each is fascinating for their ability to simultaneously humiliate and incite laughter.
  • How dumb are you?
  • A bomb is dropped, a missile is fired and a rocket is fired with a payload.
  • How it gets to the target.
  • not much
  • That is easy, a rocket carries a human and a missle carries an explosive. It got confusing in the 60's because the Atlas 4 rockets were originally designed as missles.
  • Bombs don't fly, they fall😇. Rockets and missiles do fly but rockets have people, missiles just have explosive.
  • A bomb is an explosive device fitted into a specified object. A missile is powered and guided for long distances, and a rocket is powered, but unguided.
  • How much of you and the surrounding is left.
  • The distance they can travel and the damage they can do.
  • This question is best answered by someone in the Middle East.

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