• A sex buddy doesn't hang out or do anything except have sex and then leave. They might not even have enough conversation to learn much about each other. FWBs do friend stuff together as well as have sex. Either way, it's usually gonna be a lot of heartache for one of them.
  • not much
  • Not much. Any port in a storm as they say.
    • Linda Joy
      Lol I thought that was called 'pansexual'
  • The same difference between a slave and illegal immigrant worker. Both are at the mercy of the "master". The only difference lays in how they are perceived. by the exploiting party. In the case of the sex buddy they are nothing more than living sex dolls. In the case of FWB They are exploited for emotional and financial support as well.
    • Linda Joy
      I think personal choice is a large factor. Illegal immigrants chose to illegally enter a foreign country. To my knowledge sex buddies and FWB 's are mutually agreed upon by consenting adults! And there is also a difference between slavery and working off a debt! Servitude forced or consensual. But I don't think slavery should be allowed under any conditions. Everyone should have a choice.

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