• It can be either, depending on the movie budget and focus on international box office.
  • Most popular movies are dubbed. For student audiences or other people who could have interest in hearing the original language, they could come in English with or even without subtitles. Also when they don't have the money for dubbing they just put subtitles.
  • In Vietnam, both are used. (Only they usually don't tell you which they do until AFTER you get into the theater.) Subtitles are in Vietnamese and not always accurate with regards to translation. Dubbed movies in Vietnam are done much differently than in other parts of the world. A woman reads the script and speaks for all the characters, acting out the parts as much as she can. (It is a woman 97% of the time.) If you see the dubbed version of the movie, it's difficult to hear the English soundtrack. Most theaters will give you a refund if they end up doing this and you can't understand what's being said. And, like the subtitled version, the translations aren't always accurate.

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