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  • Around $300 for fair to good cannabis.
  • $140 for an ounce of blueberry in Canada
  • it all depends on the quallity and where you live. areound here in wisconsin you can pay anywhere from $50 to $500 an ounce depending on how good or horrible the pot is.
  • Crummy weed anywhere from $160-240, good weed should be $380-500 American Dollars
  • well i dont know about an ounce, but down here in torronto, i can get some very good shit, 10$ can. per gram.
  • well me i can get an once anywhere from 50-450 it just depends on where u live and what kind ur buying
  • like 100 bucks
  • regs - 100 piff - 440
  • $45-$ for shwag, but its different for how good and where at
  • My guy gets it from the cannibus club and charges me $100
  • OK, depends on where you are. Some places, you can get an ounce for in the range of 100 bucks. Then again, in other places you can get amazing weed for 45-50 bucks an ounce. Just depends on supply and demand, as well as the ability of law enforcement to get in the way of business.
  • Why would you need to know how much it costs? Unless you were planning on buying it, which is ILLEGAL!
  • There is no way anyone can get weed for 50$/100$ an ounce unless you have a bro a best friend who grows. Marijuana is 10$/gram and for a quarter oz of good b.c hydro/skunk top of the line weed with high potency, For half an oz should cost 80$ ... for an ounce of weed should cost 170$/180$ this is not shwag or dirty weed where it costs like 50$/ounce... anyone can get weed for $50-$100/oz but it wont be any good and it wont be topnotch buds either.
  • weed can cost anywhere from 30 for an ounce of reggie and as much as 800 an ounce for that super kill types of weed and prices Regulars ( 30$ - 45$ ) Mids ( 45$ - 120$ ) Bc's aka "beasters" ( 180$ - 320$ ) Danks! ( 340$ - 800$ )
  • if its good shit and ur sound with the dealer prob about 140, if u dont know him prob about 170 , any normal shitty weed 100
  • You guys get ripped I can get a pound of some mids for 580 quarter pounds for 145 2 ounces for 100
  • Like $40 or so around Dallas, of just reggie.
  • ummmmm in the lower ny area u can get an ounce of pretty good shit for like 120/140$ ish but thts just depending on who and what....
  • it costs 180 buds u were way off
  • In California, Mexican schwag will cost you like 60-80 for an ounce. I don't even waste my time buying it though. Plus I don't wanna contribute to drug trafficking and all those goddamn drug cartels. But here in California, its like 180-200 for an ounce of dank. You can get super high grade headies for 220-350. All depending on the quality. Personally, I never see weed that doesn't have crystals and beautiful red hairs on it when I pay $15 for a gram. I think some of you guys might have your idea of high grade weed wrong. If it doesn't have crystals and buds with little to no seeds, it isn't high grade.
  • in PA an eighth (a cut) costs 25$ and it weighs about 3.5 to 4 grams. depending on how well you know the person, i get half o's for 65 and an o for about 120. this is just regular mids too.
  • Used to cost $10 in the 70s. :DDDDDDD
  • ARE YOU BOTH ON CRACK??? 45 dollars for an ounce... you must be buying the shittiest weed on earth. like weed that literally is mixed with half skunk weed. half shit. and average oz is between 350-450 depending on the quality. there are more expensive and cheaper... the cheapest youll ever find is like 250. which is SHIT WEED. 450 is usually some dank ass shit. or if u got connects you can get cheaper.
  • Where the hell do most of you people live? As far as I thought, weed was cheaper in canada than in the states. From some of your answers here, I am baffled. I have never been able to buy an ounce for less that $140 and that is cheap.
  • You guys are all on crack cocaine meth and for some reason lithium at the same time... If your buying weed for 10 dollars per oz. Its prolly oregano mixed with tobacco and dirt and 2% crappy ass weed... Here's the socal break down: 1 oz= 200-450 1/2 oz= 125-200 1/4 oz= 75-125 1/8 oz= 40-75 1 gram= 15-30 Don't forget that's south cali. So its prolly off to some states but if your getting $10 ounces of hydro(water-grown, not soil grown), then someones sellin you cigarettes ripped up and put in a bag with oregano.. I would know cause I used to do that to little new comers who had no idea what an oz costs or for that matter what weed looked like, much like you guys. Most of you anyways...
  • no actually depending on wat type of weed ur buying is how much ull pay for it an ounce of comercial aka regular weed is from 135 to 150 dolars an ounce of kush or haze would be more than twice that amount of money. 100$ is a really good deal if ur gonna buy an ounce of weed but not if ur selling it n dont let ppl rip u off remember that an ounce is 28.35 grams
  • ight heres wat it is whoever the kid that said a dime is 2 ta 3 gs is an idiot a dime is a .5 sack and for tha oz depends where ya live in naples FL an oz run ya bout 340-400 for some fire ass kush so the mids like 85 an oz nd i dnt get the reggie trees so idk bout that
  • haha Jesse TOWK AHK your full of shit its brimming at the mouth with it haha a lb for 580? wtf is it bc bud? lmao so full of seeds and shaken there aint much there pfft stop smokin man your delirious your prolly smokin herbal green tea someone sold ya lmao
  • I've been doing WAY too much research for a large group project and trying to find a clear answer to this question. As ambiguous and frustrating as it is, I've come to realize that the truth is prices vary. the range i'm accepting is anywhere from (yes) 100 to 600$ Check this website for a long discussion with many posts about medical (and illegal/recreational) marijuana prices. hope that helps!
  • wow u guys are dumb First gram of weed is $10 second gram $15 and u just keep adding $5 for each gram.

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