• Yeah. He danced with my best friend, who he knew I thought was attractive, yet he normally doesn't dance with anyone. And, he knew he and I used to love to dance to the very same song! Is that bad, or what?
  • My exhusband's wife insist to be call grandma and she said she is my children stepmom , my children came into her life when my youngest was 24 yrs old. this makes me very upset, on family reunions she wants to take control of everything like she were the mom and the grandma. When I complaint to my chidren about her invasive behavor they don't say anything and it hurts me so much b/c I was a single mom for 22 years my ex never help me financially with my children I raised my children in another country and they are great dads, wonderful husbands and hard working men. Please help me

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