• you haven't asked a question. You've just told me exactly what your thinking thou so i'll try and help you. Your pretty, you have a job you like, You've never loved anyone truely, You've never been loved (that you could tell), You feel disconnected... okay, your happy with your job, your have good self-esteem your just abit lonely. Don't worry about being single just put yourself our there, go on a date with someone who asks for your number - just for a break, something to do. hope this helps... If you wanna talk more. add me (
  • well dont be afraid be as an other 18 year old girls(best way i can think of) :S
  • WI was 17 I felt majorly disconnected from the world, but it wore off. I'm 18 now, and I've got a sweet bf, and I'm happy enough, so PLEASE just be yourself and wait for something good, don't worry too much. I think lots of people feel lonely sometimes, you just need to move forward in as positive a way as you can.
  • Suggestion: go to college. OK to go to a community college but preferably to work toward a 4 year degree. Even just making that effort will kick up your confidence and surround you with people a little smarter and working toward intellectual improvement which can be a very good thing.
  • Sometimes we are just the kind of person who does not need other people in that way. We think we should because everything around us tells us that we won't be happy until we meet that special someone. However, you need to blot that out. If you are happy with your life as it is, why mess with a good thing? There is nothing you can't change if your feelings do. However, if you try to get in relationships when you don't feel the need - when life is treating you well and you are otherwise happy with your job and your platonic friends and family - it will only end either in frustration, because you will wonder why nothing ever "clicks," or it will end badly. Relax, take it easy. Be open to other people and socialize as much as you like or not. It sounds cliche, but if it is meant to happen, it will. (In total honesty, it did happen to me. Yet there was a point in my life where I did not need it and had no problem with that.) If not, the worst that you will be able to say is that you lived a contented life of success, knew a lot of people, and had the maturity and self-awareness to live a life without needing to have someone else in it. We all want to be loved, but the beginning of wisdom is learning that what we want and what we need are not always the same thing.
  • Perhaps you are placing too much emphasis on "love" or have too high expectations of love. If you like someone, get on with them well, enjoy each other's company and sharing things and want to be with them again and again - then that is a good relationship the way I see things. As good as it gets. Now maybe you are just not meeting people you connect with or who interest you all that much - could be your job or the people you are hanging out with preventing you from meeting different kinds of people. One good way to connect with people is to put them first and help them - do volunteer work for a good cause - which gets your mind off yourself and on other people instead. Most of us feel on some level or other we are "not good enough". But not good enough for what? For a loving relationship? To be happy in our life? Sorry but it doesn't work like that. If you really feel you want to be better then work on yourself - and I don't mean just hair and clothes and makeup! But no matter how we feel about ourselves there is always someone for us who likes us and wants to be with us so it is just a matter of reaching out and letting him into our life.

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