• No , I only had lady teachers -- Hello Ender -- + 5
  • Yes I did. Ms. Pahl Ms. Poe (She was a looker) Ms. Rhodeheaver (I was alone in that one.)
  • Actually. I have a bit of a crush on one of my graduate school professors....I'm such a dork, but he's dreamy...*sigh* Of course, I'd never act on it (even if he is single and only 7 years older than me) because there are some proefessional lines I just do not cross.
  • Mrs Fannon. She was a babe. We had another name for her. It was Mrs Fanny........the brit slang version!!!!!!! LMAO
  • ah, Mr. Chambers. Gorgeous. haha.
  • I had a crush on my 5th grade teacher Mr. Daniels. It was his first year teaching, and he was the first teacher I had who didn't seem ancient. He has awesome eyes that almost sparkle. Also he helped me skip the 6th grade and go right into middle school :)

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