• all depends on what program you are in typically you can find it in the character map in (windows) start > all programs > accessories (in might be in another subfolder) with reference to that its keystorke alt + 0176 (cant get it to work though but thats what it says) and unicode value is U+00B0
  • INCORRECT ANSWER EDITED APPARENTLY THERE IS A WAY Thankyou for the knowledge people
  • Hold Alt and type 0176 on the keypad.
  • Try holding ALT and on your number keypad press 0176. This works in windows.
  • Go in your start menu. Follow All Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Character Map You can find it in there and copy/paste
  • On a mac press option+0 (zero). By the way, it's 74º out right now. You can also press option+k which makes a slightly different one: 74Ëš
  • alt+0176 on a PC
  • ° ... for PCs, if you hold down the "ALT" key while pressing the three digit ASCII code "248" on the number pad (not above the letters) then release the "ALT" key, it will write the ° symbol ... some applications or some websites have reserved the "ALT" key for special functions ... if this is the case (like here on AB), then either put it in your "Notepad" first, then copy/paste it from there ... or just find the symbol within the program "Character Map" and copy/paste it from there instead.
  • I don't have a number pad on my laptop just the row above the letters.
  • Make sure Number Lock is switched on. Hold down the Alt key on the keyboard and type 0176 on the numeric keypad. The symbol will appear when you release the Alt key. In the case of laptops and other small keyboards that don't have a separate numeric keypad you should see that a group of letters toward the right hand side of the keyboard also have numbers printed on them - these keys become the numeric keypad when Number Lock is switched on.
  • Make sure you use the numeric pad ( numbers on the right of keyboard)...alt 0176
  • alt +0176 hold the alt key down and type in 0176 °
  • Press and release the Num Lock key so that the Num Lock LED is lit. Hold down the Alt key and then type 167 using the number pad on the far right side of your keyboard. Release the Alt key and the º should appear.
  • Simply html you can type & deg ; without space and you will see this ° cirle symbol.. Chrees!!
  • alt 0176 doesn't work on my laptop. I really would like to know how to do this w/o copying and pasting if possible. Thanks!

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