• Commandment VI: There shall be lulls and quiet times in conversations. And they shall be good. Do not fill the space of the lull with empty chatter.
  • In no particular order: *Thou shalt keep thy eyes at proper eyes are UP here buddy!! *Thou shalt not only listeneth but heareth as attention I'm not talking just to hear my own voice! *Thou shalt giveth the news not the weather! (aka, say it, don't spray it!) *Thou shalt not talketh in peoples faceths if thou can't figure out how to use a toothbrush and toothpaste, mouth rinse, gum, mints.....ANYTHING! *Thou shalt holdeth thy tongueth until thou can speaketh without saying " was mon, no tues, no thurs...umm ummm ummm" *Thou shalt not use excessive facial expression, hand gestures, or pitch/tone're not auditioning for a part in The Ringer, we're just talking! *Thou shalt not be impatienteth and rusheth the speaker...I don't care if you don't want "all the bs boring detail"! I'm giving it to you so sit down, shut up, and listen! *Thou shalt not be rudeth and interrupteth the speaker to telleth them a story about how you thinketh you're better...I don't care if I just have a karat and a half and he bought you a karat and 3/4. *Thou shalt not telleth the same stories overeth and overeth...Are you really that hopeless that you can't even remember what YOU say? And finally because I'm running out of brain function.... *Thou shalt not tryeth and useth big words if thou hasn't a clueth what they meaneth....I know you're trying to sound smart, but you're only proving what at this point is probably obvious....oh come on do I REALLY have to say it?!?!

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