• No , they could be right . At least they are honest enough to leave a comment and a name. I may not agree with the comment but I respect the fact that they are not drive byes .
  • I would probably check out this profile to see if they were a newbie or a young adolescent. If it were somebody who was here for a long time, I would wonder about their IQ level and hopefully just stay somewhere in the bag far away from him / her. Getting mad gets us nowhere; we have to keep on truck'n on AB.
  • I would be pleased that he had identified himself. This has happened to me and my answer WAS wrong so I didn't have any grounds for complaint.
  • Not really.. He stands up and admits he downrated me, so at least he's got some balls. Some further clarification would be nice though. Points are nice, but they aren't the most important thing for me when I spend some time here
  • nah - but i'd ask them to elaborate.
  • I would expect to continue the conversation on a comment thread, maybe asking "How so?" If I'm proven wrong or deserving of the downrate I have no problem with it. I take it as a lesson.
  • No, I'd be impressed by the candor but also want more explaination.
  • Nah I'd laugh it off. DR's don't matter.
  • No, I would respect them for being honest enough to show they were downrating me. I would appreciate knowing WHY it was bad or wrong so I might learn from it. They could even be wrong or had misunderstood me. But no, I wouldn't be mad at them. There are more important things to be upset about in the world.
  • i wud think.. atleast the person had the guts to admit, sum people dont even do that, they just downrate people slyly.. As long as the person gives their point, reason and explains why, which i can learn from my mistake i dont think ders anythin wrong..
  • I would be over the moon!!!... a D/R with a comment...I would faint with the shock of it
  • Definitely.No answer is a bad answer, unless it is totally pointless, or doesn't pertain to the question.
  • Maybe, but at least He gave a reason. Sometimes I get downrated and have no idea what is so wrong with the answer.
  • My very first question was downrated. Yes it did get to me for a minute. I just responded to let them know in so many words that it wasn't cool.
  • I would honestly, not give a shit.
  • if they actually leave a reason for the dr, then I have no issue, Ill prolly argue it, but depends on my mood, I get snarling mad when people dont have the balls to leave a comment.
  • No, I would not get mad at them.
  • No, not at all. I'd have respect for the person for having the chops to admit s/he downrated me. I think a downrate with an explanation is preferable to the "drive by" negging. I'd also appreciate it if there was further explanation showing what (in part or as a whole) was wrong with my answer. That's how we learn things.
  • I'd ask "And what makes it bad?", hopefullay prompting them to TELL me. If I was wrong, if they can prove it, no problem. If it's an opinion, though, I would try to point THAT out to them, I'd hear their explanation, probably responding to the way they explained. If it was a correct answer (you know... The kind like "What is a rope?") and I answered, I would include a link in the comment SHOWING that I was right. And, if it was just me trying to be funny, I'd ask them if they left their sense of humor somewhere... They need to find it! Mad? If I was right, yes. If not, why worry about it. (But my "mads" don't usually last very long.) ;-)
  • No ...Not at all ! I have respect for anyone who actually has the "Nads" to leave a comment. I cannot respect a gutless Hit and Run Dweeb. There's a BIG difference !

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