• I had to replace mine after i took them off while on vacation and forgot the at the hotel i was staying at.
  • i got new one on 12 annv. the first ones no longer fit anyway. so each one of my daughters got one
  • Not replace but repair a few times. Had to get the band widened or at least added to as it was getting thin on the bottom. Finally had the two rings welded together so we don't have that problem anymore:-)
  • When I was married one time I was working on my car out on the rain and my ring touched the chassis of the car and the positive terminal of the battery at the same time and the thing almost melted. Burnt my ring finger. Quite a sting. We tried to get something that was similar. It was a long time ago and I don't remember if we actually were able to find something to match or not.
  • Yes, because my hubby and I eloped so we just bought our original rings cheap at Wal-Mart. So on our one year anniversary he sold his convertible sports car and bought our new rings!
  • My first engagement ring fell off my finger 2 months after I was married. I got a new one to replace it. Then I got a divorce. My next ring was a surprise from my husband an I never really liked it. So when we split up and got back together, I made him get me a new setting. That's the one I have now. I never wear it, though.
  • Not me, but my father did. He was at a Dinner Dance at Emu Bottom Homestead up north. It must have fallen through the cracks in the floor boards. They searched but couldn't find it. Later on, the homestead was torn down, and with it went the last chances of finding his ring. He got anothery.
  • I lost the original set. He replaced them and we separated a few months later and eventually divorced. I've still got them around here somewhere.
  • No, but I had to have the prongs rebuilt.
  • I have to say yes.. I have a quad stone ring and one of the stones fell out and when they replaced it you could tell just y looking at it that it was crooked and since we were yet married we decided to sell it and wait to save some more money to get a new one.. It was only about 800 for the first ring and I got a great deal on my second at 800... We dont have much money we live pay chech to pay check so I was fine with it.. I could not stand to look at my old ring it just looked horable..
  • Not yet, but if/when I get remarried, I'd get a new ring....just wouldn't feel right wearing the old one. At least the guys rings are a lot cheaper:)
  • My wife's got lost recently. I intend to replace it when I come up with enough money to buy the one she has picked out. Unexpected car expenses have pushed that a little way into the future, unfortunately.
  • My husband had to replace his wedding ring after crunching in an accident at work. Finger was fine, but the ring was a loss.
  • I lost mine so I had to get a new one.
  • Ignore this, once again was supposed to be a comment.
  • Yes, my husband lost his in our front yard while working on his truck and several years ater mine got stolen so we both wound up having to get new ones....
  • yes because I got older and gained weight!

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