• I wasn't aware of this. All the Bourne fims were pretty succesful in terms of box-office and critical and public acclaim. As it is almost always the case, many film executives try to milk any good thing that comes their way until that cash cow is dry. Too bad. I've seen this happen in TV and books as well.
  • I know there is a 4th book coming out...why wouldn't they choose to go by the book? Weird. Stranger things have happened in Hollywood.
  • They are regulated. Its called sales.
  • Lol. Bourne Again.
  • Well, the "Bourne franchise" has made a name for itself for a particular kind of action movie. It's the same thing with Street Fighter, Metal Gear Solid, Rambo, etc. Entertainers could just make new movies/games that employ similar elements as their predecessors, but they expect to boost sales by tacking on names/personas/locations/events that are associated with previously successful media. The best (also, really the only) way to regulate stuff like this is mass boycotting, or other 'social regulations.' If we accept any form of entertainment, then we enable entertainers to shove more crap down our throats. We need to be more discriminating, and also consider becoming a producer of that entertainement instead of just a consumer! Get some friends together, and start a studio in your basement- see what you can do!
  • Bourne Free. As sales drop due to boredom, it will end up as a made-for-TV-movie to watch for free.
  • I don't mind beating the sequel horse until it is dead as much as the remake of the same movie that was perfectly fine in the first place.
  • Please do not continue the 'Bourne' trilogy saga. I'm the fan of this film and read all the books. It is slightly different between them but if they extend it, I'm afraid it leads to a failure which will effect the previous Bourne movies.

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