• What does your Doctor say?
  • Thank you for taking time to read my post. Also, my eye doctor who I went to for years (no longer do though) told me to use these drops. Never mentioning whether it was safe to use. By the time I could have gotten help, I had already become psychologically addicted to the drops.
  • I would stop using contacts until you eyes have a chance to heal. I would also find another eye doctor.
  • I would just like to say that I have this problem as well. I used Visine for about 6 months until I found it was bad for you, so I stopped using it. Immediately after stopping, they would get really itchy and red for a couple days, then they calmed down. It's been a year now since I last used Visine, and my eyes are always a little red/inflamed. They have not improved at all in over 10 months. octoberskyz: I have a question for you, just to see if we have similar symptoms: Is the top of your eyes white? (the part that is behind your top eyelid) For me, the top half of my eyeball is always perfectly white, but everything below that (what is visible, and what he behind my lower eyelid) is always a little inflamed and red. Would Lotemax be something for us to try? I heard that targets inflamation of the eye... Thanks
  • I didn't understand from your post--is your entire eyeball red or is the top part white and everything else red? I seen 2 specialists. One told me I have an infection and gave me drops but that made my eyes worse, and the other said I have dry eye and told me to use lubricating drops, but that doesn't really do anything for me. I may have developed minor dry eye from visine overuse, but the redness is my real issue. My eyes don't feel dry, nor hurt or itch, they are just red.
  • My whole eye is basically red. I went to an Opht. and he told me to use lubricating drops but it hasn't helped me either. I don't really know what else to do.
  • Did you ever find an answer for rebound hypermeria
  • I have the same prob w/ over using clear eyes drops. However I have a diff problem. The corner of the eye starting to itch and u get this weird uncomfortable feeling in the corners of your eyes *next to nose. Any thoughts?
  • I have the same problem - went to a dr - gave me the 5 step program - lotemax, rhestasis, artificial tears - then plugs, then doxy - I went back on the OTC's for redness - its sucks - I do not know what else to do - I have to work and talk to people all day
  • I suffer the same problem aswell. For the post that quoted eyes are perfectly white at the top I know the answer to this. If your eyes are only red in the exposed part of the eye then this is allergy related. The most common cause is house dustmite. You should find they are worse in the morning when you wake up. If they get worse during the day this is caused as a result of dustmite and they get worse with exposure to any irritant
  • there is no way to reverse this effect is there?
  • heres another blog on this issue. the *chilled* lubricant sounds like a good idea.
  • My eyes are starting to get a little better after a week of not using Visine LR or Naphcon allergy eye drops, im never touching those things again.
  • im really nervous. i was once told that some guy from england his whole pupil turned white from over usage of eye drops, i use them every day like 3x a day probably for about 7 months now and today my eyes were bothering me, so should i stop comlpetely - forever?
  • AHHHHHHHHHH how frustrating is this? I feel your pain everyone. I slept in contacts a few time and they stuck to my eyeballs and damaged the suface a little but then i quit wearing them and my eyes were white. Its when i started smoking the reefer i was introduced to those f'n damn redness relief bullshit eyedrops. Little did i know that they would just make my eyes worse in the long run. Now my eyes are red all the time. When i dont get enough sleep, drink, or sit at the computer is when it is worst. Its also worse on the white portion open to the air, maybe i have dust allegies but i doubt it. Its so hard to live like this. Im in college and a good looking guy i guess(no george clooney) and im so selfconscious about it. Its so hard to have a good time and talk to girls when u know ur eyes are red as shit. I've been doin research and nobody has found anything that works. I've heard of scleral lenses, cauterizing veins in the eye, diet changes, chugging water, artificial tears, eye bright bs, n all kinds of stuff. I'm not planning on living like this all my life. I'm determined to find a solution its driving me insane people. I quit using the NaphconA and clear eyes redness type of eyedrops. But the nights i go out and drink (which makes it worse) i cant help but use them especially since the girl i was diggin was a babe and I was notttt going to have oober red eyes around her. I NEED A SOLUTION!!!
  • Octoberskz...How are your eyes doing these days?
  • I had rebound redness for some time, over a year. My doctor gave me steriods and I tried almost everything. The steriods did more damage to my eyes than anything. I took omega 3 and lutein from GNC. They both helped strengten my eyes. WHen I got up in the morning I used Visine because my eyes where red. Then it became a habit for me every morning. I never thought that my eyes could get addicted to the visine. SO I tried to shake this Addiction and not use anything. But I couldn't go to work everyday with red eyes. SO what I did was instead of twice a day I went to once a day,two drops when I got to work to give me more time. On my way to work I wore nice sunglasess with a light tent. It's kewl because a lot of people in NY wears sunglasses in the morning. My eyes where so addicted when the dust from the outside wind got in them my eyes would become red. But listen your body will be able to fight this addiction. SO I used Baush and Laub Alcon (Stupid move on my part). I really needed to shake this redness. So here's what I did. I went cold turkey for fourty days. Nothing in my eyes. This was really hard. But guess what my eyes are lighter than they have ever been. At night once a week I use Baush and Laub Theratears to clean my eyes. NO ARTIFICIAL. My eyes don't get red during the day. Maybe light red sometimes and my veins in my eyes are disappearing. I'm only forty days in but this is really 100 times better that pouring these chemicals in my eyes that will make me go blind. My age is Forty Four so if your younger you have a bigger chance of losing this rebound redness. It's hard to shake this addiction, but you can do it. I used to keep a bottle of Alcon in my pocket just in case for the forty days. I got rid of the bottle last week. My girlfriend is seeing a big improvement. When people see you have red eyes they think that theres something wrong with you. This is my story and I hope it can help someone who has the same problem. OH Yea, Please stay away from the computer as much as you can. My eyes uses to get really red when I got on the computer, now my eyes don't get red. Maybe a little but once I get off they go back to white. If you have to get on the computer wear dark shades.

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