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  • One cannot "make" a person feel anything. Each person is responsible for what they think and the feelings that come in accompaniment of those thoughts....
  • Excessive flirting works wonders.
  • treating them in a speical way wether it's flirting or giveing them a present or complamenting them
  • Maybe going out for walks or events with them, so that their body will release endorphins and make them happy. Nothing can make another person happy, except themselves, but exercise usually helps speed that along.
  • Treat him or her like a regular human being.
  • Tell them they are beautiful. talk about the way there is a beauty that magazine models have, but there is a beauty that everybody has. the people that great artists chose/ choose to paint are not the conventionally beautiful ones. and those are the images make us feel love. If people viewed others and themselves as unique works of art, they would see the beauty they have, and truly know and believe that they are gorgeous.
  • the way you look at them, the way you touch them affectionately, take pictures of them, bring them flowers, show interest in their thoughts and feelings...and look at them with total attention...

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