• While pre-school is optional, kindergarten is the first standard class level at which a student starts their school career.
  • It may depend on the school district, but at my school it was required.
  • In our school district, kingergarten is NOT required. However, I don't know of anyone that keeps their child out of kindergarten. I'm still not sold on sending my kids to pre-school, but I would think keeping them out of kindergarten would be holding them back, they need to learn the basics. Just my opinion!
  • In AZ, FULL day kindergarten is required.
  • If it's not a law, I don't see how the school can require it. I didn't go to kindergarten and no one can tell that from my master's degree. I think schools sell the idea of preparing children for first grade but maybe that's because parents typically don't do that themselves...either they don't know how or don't have the time.
  • Kindergarten is optional in my state yet required in 15 other states

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