• I agree I do not see many men as into horses than women usually act. But, I think men love to care for them and they are usually the ones that manage the farm/ranch and use their horses for their income. Look at movies about ranchers or racers (sea biscuit), their is a hard decision when they had to shoot their horses when they break their leg or a joy with their horse.
  • Yeah, my sister is horse crazy as well! She always was, from a young age. She has worked in stables and earns a living making horse pottery with her husband. Like Miss Kitty said, I think men do form strong bonds with their own horses, but I haven't known any to have the 'horse crazy' thing. I'm sure some guy somewhere does, but I haven't been aware of it. :)
  • I think it is a female thing. I would be embarrassed to say what makes me think that.
  • lol i think so. it's all about the freedom and sleekness of horses. i was sickly obsessed when i was in elementary school, and i never met a guy as worked up as much as i was then
  • Must be a female thing, my wife also loves horses and I know 2 other ladies who are horse crazy, good characteristic I would say, people who loves horses tend to be very loving and caring
  • There seems to be an fairly equal balance of horsemen and horsewomen in Australia. I think women are more inclined to form an emotional attachment to them and as such, tend to talk more about them. The guys who are interested in horses seem to concentrate more on the ability and use of the animal for sport, competition, work or income and as such, don't tend to talk about them in the same way us women do :)
  • I've met a few guys that were horse crazy but it is more a female thing. I was bit by that bug early, maybe at 5-6 years old and I still have it, even after breeding horses for 30 years:-)
  • must be a female thing - they're huge and muscular and powerful and they fit right between your thighs and rub up against your
  • Guys get worked up over their "other horses"----their cars! I think it's a sexual thing. Cars exude power and sex appeal, and horses exude masculine strength and imagery.
  • I love just about every type of animal and horses are NO exception. But I agree there is a big fanaticism far more prevalent in females than males. I have enjoyed riding many a time, but the abuse to the privates given by a full hard gallop might be one reason men find it less enjoyable.
  • My sister and her best friend are both horse wackos too. I wouldn't say I dislike them , but I think they dislike me so I avoid them
  • It's a marketing thing. It keeps women out of male dominated sports and pursuits. That's sexually biased society for you.
  • I think woman are more emotional & like animals more but, have you ever seen a guy worked up over a football match and a woman thats not so worked up ? lol That would be a man thing true =)
  • Lol! Yeah man, my sisters both loved horses when they were younger. I never knew what was so great about them though...
  • I think men can harbour an equally passionate love of horses at times, but are more casual and quiet at expressing this admiration, and are more lets say, "matey" towards them. Think of Robert Redford in the Horse whisperer. I find a lot of men are more frightened of horses, and see them as big brutes, and when they ride them they try to command and force them around, whereas women tend to compromise and work with the horse. It could be a childhood stem, as we all know little girls adore ponies and "MY little pony" play with toy horses (I was one of them!), and generally this feminine brand makes men less keen on them due to the "Barbie" stigma, and the incorrect idea that riding is girly.
  • In general I believe women like horses for largely the same reasons men like motorbikes - although there's something about explaining why that just seems slightly on the borderline of wrong...
  • i dont think its just a girl thing because i know at least 5 guys who ride horses and they love it! lots of people love horses so its not just a girl thing!
  • You should see me on a Saturday when my horse gets beaten to the line and costs me a lot of money.
  • I think horses are fascinating creatures, but the only person I know who actually owns a horse is my mum's hair dresser. I think it might be a city boy thing. We're not really encouraged to go out and ride horses (not that I have a driving licence or any interest in cars) But we don't really have access to farm animals in the city. Whereas if you're living in the country you're likely to be much more familiar with horses. I agree with the childhood fantasy thing that some people mentioned. Horses are an important element to any fairy tale. The Last Unicorn, the prince's steed in Sleeping Beauty, i think that's where it starts with some little girls, while all the boys I went to school with were more interested in transformers or dinosaurs. Then again, I prefer movies with warriors charging into battle on horseback, rather than car chases and explosions. I'd be too much of a wuss to try any of it myself, though.
  • I must admit here in south africa i dont know many horsemen but i am working in the sanctuary circle with trail rides and lessons and i agree that men find the fun in competing which isn't my field of interest. I also believe that most women get more attached to the animals than men and therefore talk abou them more often. It is also a big socialising thing for women to meet up at the yard and talk horsey stuff and i reckon most men would feel intimidated by a room full of women throwing comments abckwards and forwards about all kinds of horsey stuff. I hope i don't offend any men out there by saying this but i know if i was in a room full of guys talking about cars and i was the only woman i would feel a bit intimidated but everyone is different at the end of the day and i belive that anyone should do what makes them happy whether it be a stereotyped thing or not! :-D
  • Women love anything with a huge penis, that doesn't talk back. lol
  • No it's not just females my whole family has loved horses including the males there whole ife they grew up being arounds them
  • Well considering a girl an get off just by riding a horse I'd think its a girl thing.
  • You can love horses as a girl and be horse crazy without owning posters, pencils, shower curtains and matching hooks, sheets and bumper stickers. When I was a little girl and compared to the other girls in my class I felt guilty that I wasn't as "horse crazy" as them, that there was something wrong with me because they obviously loved horses and in comparison I didn't. Turns out that overtime they outgrew it and we all love horses just the same, though we had different ways of showing it. I think it's an obsession that tends to be predominant in little girls, that they outgrow it as they grow up. As for the women who still have obscure horse themed household items that's probably just a nice momento of childhood to have around. If their bedroom is still cartoony and themed well, theirs an odd duck everywhere. But there were just as many girls with kitten or puppy themed folders in elementary school and a handful of those will grow up to be the cat ladies of tomorrow. I think men aren't as obsessive in part because our (American) culture prohibits it and that's just not the way men act anyways. I think men who love dogs or their horses can have just as strong of a bond with their four legged friends as women. Women just happen to be willing to buy color coordinating grooming kits :P
  • Yes, I was horse crazy too. Still love them.
  • There are two "cowboys" in my school who are crazy about horses.

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