• Great question Scooter. I'm not going to say I don't care at all because I do. If there is a serious question asked and I try to help the questioner by giving a sincere answer and sometimes it involves going into something a little more than I really care to but if I feel like I can help I will do it. Then along comes a sorry and sad little troll without anything better to do then to DR my answer. How sincere will the questioner take my answer?
  • well somebody has been taking my stash! OMG.......there is a thief among us!!!!!!!! Good thing I don't pay my mortgage with pts!!!!!!
  • agree.
  • Agreed Scooter! And like you ,I enjoy exercising my "Free Will" in giving them away ;-)+
  • I agree Scooter. And like any woman worth her salt, I love spending my points.
  • Interesting question. Can't take points/money with you but they sure are fun to spend!! And the most joy really does come from spending on other people. Although getting a little "treat" now and then feels kind of good too. So does seeing piles and piles of it!! Rolling around and around naked in it and.....oh, did you say something?;)
  • Yes. I can understand why some ABers are interested in the points, levels and rankings, but they really aren't important in the overall scope of AB. Funny how if you attain a top ten ranking people accuse you of being a 'points whore' or spending 20 hours a day on AB. And if you have been here for a long time and haven't reached at least maestro ranking, they ask 'what took you so long?'. And since the points can't be redeemed for anything, I'm positrolling every day now.
  • So this is it then, pointless, pennyless and alone, eh? Fair enough, it was a good run, I guess....

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