• I think it's worth it, but that's just me. The trick is to try and not let it bother you, just remember all of the friends you have here that outweigh those pesky trolls! You can do it!:)
  • I will be here as long as I enjoy it. Like Arisztid said , I too have been known to take "Breaks" when the drama and B.S. get too deep to wade through ! I really try to avoid being sucked into other people's battles. Never wrestle in the mud with a pig... You'll only wind up filthy and the pig loves it ! The Un-Subscribe button works and works well!
  • Yes, I think it is worth it. The good people here FAR outnumber the bad. I will turn the other cheek once or twice..sometimes I will "hit back" depending on my mood..then as the others have said..unsubcribe works wonders. click..and they're gone.
  • We'll see how long I last, before I move on. It's a shame these few exist.
  • The other day I was either hit by a gang of different trolls or someone with many accounts. Thankfully on most days it really is worth sticking around.
  • I really do love the place but most of all the people here on AB far as how long I will be here who knows ... thats the future and thats always unpredictable and as far as turning the other cheek I some times find that very very hard to do but I have learned to by pass some people here on AB because I know if I met them in real life I'm afraid I would smack then in the mouth.. but normally I have a very thick skin and its water of a ducks back with me when someone dribbles shit at me and I can let it go except when trolls and fools go on unprovoked attacks against another's on here because of some half baked vendetta
  • It is worth it and on the occasions when I get bored I just wander off for a few days or weeks. There is nobody on here that bothers me enough to make me leave. Of course I have trolls but no more than a lot of other people and if that is how they get their pleasure, well so be it.. Of course there are people that do not like my opinions , I am afraid I will not change them for points. I am not very good at turning the other cheek so if something is annoying me or seems to be deteriorating into a childish squabble I just unsubscribe. I am usually well outside of the loop so do not see or get involved in too much unpleasantness.
  • It's worth it, and I have 4 big cheeks, at least one is always available and healed.
  • I think AB is worth it. Turning the other cheek is not easy. The obvious solution is for everyone to be civilized, but that is a lot to expect. The drama kills me. There is no need for it. I hate it when I see somebody claim to dislike the drama and then create a whole lot of it. Sigh. That is my biggest AB drama pet peeve. People also have a hard time moving on. I will steal a quote from Fun. . .build a bridge and get over it. As a CL all of it just makes my head ache :) A lot of people have been disappointed when great ABers leave because of the lack of civility that sometimes rears its ugly head here. However, these few difficult individuals are greatly outnumbered. Turning the other cheek to enjoy the company of great folks is worth it in my opinion.
  • Whether Answerbag is worth it or not in your personal opinion is up to you. In my personal opinion, it's neither here nor there. I can turn the other cheek for as long as I want to.
  • If it wasn't worth it, I wouldn't still be here for a whole year. I've improved my ability to turn the other cheek, so that's not an issue for me.
  • The majority of the people here make it worth staying here... or at least make it worth coming back once you've tried to turn the other cheek.
  • Turn my cheek?....I....I can't do it....*sob*
  • No I don't think it's worth it..And I'm getting tired
  • The extent and limit of my involvement with people online will not allow me to even have a cheek to turn, and someone disagreeing with me and flaming me about it or derepping me won't sting enough in this case. People can get into some weird situations online, and as I have enough problems in real life, I'll gladly avoid it. That's not to say that I don't take the positivism perceived by people or even directed my way seriously either, because in fact, in my experience the genuine fun and good of online communication for me is actually best on a simple and light hearted acquaintance level, because after that, perception, assumption and even paranoia or fear due to the nature of the online communication medium turns much too sour for what it's worth, and in my opinion the cyberworld shouldn't be a place to compensate for what you're missing in the real world. For a hermit like me who can do it, I'm sure everyone can. I may spend a whole hell of a lot of time on here, but when I go to sleep or work, nothing about here bothers me. That said, I completely love the chance I get on here to learn new things on about just every subject possible, or the mindless but fun and charming silliness which often occurs. It's more then worth it for a good, fun or enlightening time which relaxes and relieves stress, and if it did otherwise, like me getting in fights and smashing cheeks or getting mine smashed, I'd go look for something else. Someone can stomp on me all they want, but I'll never really be bothered to even try to retaliate. XD Because the things that seem to bother a lot of people like trolls and flame wars are easily dismissed, and although I know that not everyone feels this way and I certainly don't hold it against them, the real rot is underneath, drama and all that which is best to just not get involved with, and doing so is actually easy. If something like my profile being cloned or things like that occur, it's pretty much the only time I'll stick out my claws. XD
  • I enjoy my time on AB...I have fun, I learn something new every day, and I've made a lot of friends. Sure, I'm a regular target of trolls, but I know that they are just sad, pathetic souls. They are nuisance like a mosquito is...small and insignificant. If they get nasty or obnoxious with me, they are flagged and feedback is sent to AB..and they are usually dealt with pretty quickly. I'm not going to let a few little pests spoil my fun.
  • im putting my bet on heaven

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