• While it is be possible to take all the above listed medications in one dose and die, there's no guarantee that you will or will not. An 8.5 gram dose of tylenol will cause liver damage. Whether or not this will lead to immediate organ failure (which is a likely outcome) depends on a variety of other factors - the presence of the other drugs is also a compounding factor. Generally speaking, symptoms of toxicity have been shown to appear with usage of 6000mg of tylenol in 24-48 hour period. Regardless of the outcome of a single dose, continued use of this combination of drugs will shorten your lifespan. I would recommend a discussion with a doctor or pharmacist regarding this particular combination of drugs. They will be able to assess your personal physiology to determine if the dosage is right for you. --SP
  • Just taking that amount acetaminophen, your liver would die on you.
  • I'm not up on my chemistry but sounds like you could explode yo...
  • I'm thinking you would not kill yourself but you would do damage to your kidney and liver and maybe be in a coma, and be a burden to those who love you.
  • Yes. Just that level of acetaminophen(paracetamol) could kill you. If an individual has consumed large quantities of paracetamol over a 48 hour period, a dose of above 6 grams or 150 mg/kg in the subsequent 24 hour period may cause toxicity.
  • Why would you do that? Acetaminophen becomes toxic to your liver at 1,000 and up. The lethal dose is 6,000, and 8,500 would for sure kill you in a few days without medical help.
  • whare i live thats normal. once everynow & then somebody will die but i know people that drink vicoden strait from the pill bottle without knowing exactly how many they took chew them up & swallow. this person im talking about has ate them like this for years. well at least the 17 years ive known him. soon as he gets out of bed
  • I wonder why you would take all those meds...hopefully, you're not thinking of killing yourself. If you are, please get help.

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