• Not at all. As long as he gets other healthy foods he's absolutely fine. :)
  • Bread is good for him. If that's all he eats during the day, try to get him to put other things in the bread like a fried egg (or on the side of the bread). My 4 y/o is very picky. Try not giving him the bread & make yourself something to eat that he would enjoy eating too. Let him try some of yours (but don't give him the bread). He needs to be introduced to new foods & he eventually get over the bread addiction. Just make sure that when you are cooking dinner, don't make very many side dishes during the week that contain starch. Don't worry about it...mine is the same way. Everyday I have to make her a bowl of Ramen noodles, 2 fried eggs, & some yogurt. She'll get sick of this & then it'll be a new set of foods that she is stuck on. This is a good age for Flintstone vitamins too to make sure that he is gettign all the nutrients he needs. Don't worry!!!!:)
  • It shouldn't be. But if you're worried, you can find a "white bread" that tastes pretty much the same, and is not made with as much processed flour. For example, I like white bread, but believe it's healthier to eat Aunt Millie's Potato Bread. My uncle used to eat almost a whole loaf of white bread with butter at a sitting. (He was very active - playing basketball for his school, so he burned it off pretty quickly.)
  • Maybe in the sense that he's filling up on refined white flour and won't have an appetite for healthier foods. It's not exactly bad, it's just not all that great.
  • As long as it's not "Wonder Bread" it should be fine, that stuff has no nutritional value. Try to switch him over to a multi-grain and see if he like that too.
  • I used to do that, sometimes i still do, for lunch i eat a plain roll with some margarine and thats it. --im 16 :O Try introducing brown bread or something, i dont think its that bad for him as long as hes eating other things such as fruit etc. Good luck : )
  • That is so funny, my 4 year old does the same thing, but it is usually because he will tell me he wants a sandwich and I don't have time at that exact moment to make one so he justs gets 2 pieces of bread, puts them together and eats them plain. He is a healthy eater otherwise so I don't worry about it.
  • True Fact: People used to survive off bread! So no, eating it isn't bad for him; it's what you're supposed to do with it.
  • If we're talking plain white refined flour bread, then yes it is. It's just like sugar to his system. And he is filling himself up on something that doesn't have much nutritional value and won't be hungry for good food. Plus, when you eat a lot of something you often get a food allergy to it. He should have a varied diet so he can continue eating all foods. Lessons on good eating will last a lifetime.
  • Are you kidding? Bread is the ''Staff of Life''.
    • Roaring
      not all bread is created equal. That refined stuff costs us twice: when you buy it and when you eat it. Did you know that before enriching the bread, it has zero nutritional value? I used to eat the stuff as a kid exclusively as that's what was served. I also had chronic sinusitis that no-one connected to nutrition. In my late 20's after having changed my diet for years to whole foods and simple protiens, allergies began to disappear, sinuses could enjoy spring for the first time and I had more energy overall.
  • My daughter just loves to eat plain bread too.. Sometimes with butter.. And if I let her, she would probably eat it all day for every meal and snack... lol
  • When i was a kid, i would always eat plain white bread between meals, all of us kids never knew if we were ever going to be fed again. All five of us kids were way under weight. By todays standards, my parents could have been charged with child abuse. We all had to sneak food from the cupboards when my parents weren't looking. My favorite was bread. One of my brothers raided the cereal boxes and another went for crackers.
    • Roaring
      Hey Froggy, that used to be my nickname in Jr High when i wore a shirt to school with a big frog on the front. Sounds like a rough way to grow up. Do you eat better quality foods now?
  • Carbs! If you don't watch out, he could end up with diabetes. Breads are packed full of carbohydrates which turn to sugar when not used up.
  • My 4 year old also loves to eat plain bread. Once in a while she's allowed to have what we call a "wish sandwich" - which is two pieces of bread and I WISH I had something to put between them. Usually she asks for Peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Today, she ate I think FOUR homemade dinner rolls I made last night. But at least I know exactly what was in those and it wasn't anything weird. I don't let her do it all the time, but I try to provide alternative snacks that she will enjoy. She likes cheese, yogurt and carrots specially.
  • as long as your son is getting more than just bread then its fine!! My son could live off of cheese and pasta, but he has to eat his veggies too! He has to eat whats good for him not only what he likes!!
  • too much white bread is bad for anyone! look at the GI food index on the net. ive learnt alot from it. if your son wants to eat white bread try and encourge him to eat non manafactured meat with it as this slows down the digetive system meaning he will have less sugar the body naturally produce to break food down.(it the sugar produces by are bodies which makes us fat too) bread with grains n seed in them are the best types of bread as the seed and grains too slow down the digestive process. but wholemean with seed/grains is the healthist type of bread!!
  • I can only imagine the possibility of constipation as white bread condenses to a very sticky paste.
    • Linda Joy
      That's what I was going to point out and that's the reason they put prisoners on bread and water for a punishment. It definitely will contaminate a person if they don't eat anything else
  • No, there is nothing bad about eating bread. It shouldn't be the only thing he eats though.
  • 4-2-2017 If you feed white bread and water to a hamster, it will die. But whole grain bread and water will keep it alive. Man shall not live by bread alone. He got to have some peanut butter on it
  • The first time I heard about the consequences of food made of refined, enriched white flour, the book, "Everything You Always Wanted to know About Nutrition" by David Reuben MD. He informed the reader that before enriching the refined white flour, no creature in nature would touch the stuff. Then when it was ready to be sold, they "enriched the flour with the vitamins that were determined to be essential" 'Throw it out "he said "don't even feed it to your pets" Natural whole grain foods and whole foods in general are what humans are meant to eat. Eating his man-made crap along with a sedentary lifestyle will shorten any life.

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