• Because they are not loco. Businesses create wealth for the investor, for the laborers, and for the government. It is not that a business only takes money away from a country. They use their initial investment to turn the labor and natural resources of a country into a saleable product or service, and they take away their profit. The Mexican workers also get something--their salary, which is higher than they could get elsewhere. And both of them pay taxes.
  • MONEY.............NEED WE SAY MORE???????
  • butttttttt.....u never know
  • It is good for their economy. Provides employment, source of taxes, salaries are reinvested in Mexican economie.
  • Money. Roger Kovaciny is mostly correct- also add in bribes.
  • Employment for Mexican people. Good for Mexico. In the long run, if the Mexican economy can expand it will cut down on the poverty that compels Mexicans to enter the US illegally. Not that there will not always be a demand for cheap labor in the US. But it will equalize out over time.
  • Because Mexican politicians like money and appreciate a good bribe just as much as American politicians.
  • There's a good chance that this is a rare case of something that is influenced by money.
  • The Mexicans need the jobs.
  • many reasons. first of all we profit from it, second it makes that area of mexico look better because there are american businesses and that attracts tourists which equals more money plus a better area to live in and a lower crime rate.
  • probably the #-1 REASOn is that when companies start up in your country / area ; they bring JOBS and More tax Revenue ... so the mexican Government is very happy to see American businesses bring their business to Mexico .. +5
  • Cheap labor and apparently an agreement to allow illegal Mexicans to cross the border and enter the United States without recourse. John Deere, Kimberly-Clark and General Electric are just a few big industries that have abandoned America. Bottomline, its all about greed. The greed for money on both countries part. And of course, you and i are the ones that suffer from it.
  • mexicans get jobs! Mexico gets taxes. Mexican economy improves! Mexico exports to the U.S.
  • Why wouldn't they -- jobs and taxes and no strain on resources
  • The object of business is to make a profit regardless of the social or economic costs. A government with more problems than the U.S. gov't will be easier to manipulate to get what you want to keep your costs low. This would mean their ability to exploit the area for land or labor will be easier. A poorer nation is usually less educated as well, making the employees easier to control. . But why does the Mexican gov't allow them? I don't think it's any surprise to anyone that the drug cartels have influence over those who work for the gov't, why would those same officials deny essentially legal kickbacks? Instead of being arrested for taking bribes, now it's just looked at as a normal part of governing. It allows those who benefit from within the gov't to openly allow the exploitation of their country and their countrymen. Just my opinion.
  • jobs and tax dollars
  • Why should they be against it? Municipalities and states usually compete to get companies to build new factories, which will provide jobs and pay taxes. Why shouldn't Mexico?

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