• Because they think it helps! And alot of depressed people are alcholics. Whew, I'm gonna get a beer. aaaayyyyy
  • Well, it obviously doesn't depress most people while they are drinking it.
  • Alcohol isn't a depressant in the sense of one becoming sad... a depressant slows the body's functions. When you drink alcohol, it constricts your blood vessels. Less oxygen to the brain. With less oxygen to the brain, you can't think with depth. So if someone is depressed and they drink a depressant, it hinders the ability to think depressing thoughts.
  • A depressant, in medical terms, does not mean it makes you emotionally depressed. Just like a diuretic doesn't give you diarrhea, it sounds like one thing but medically it means something very different.
  • Calling alcohol a depressant is actually something of a misnomer. Alcohol isn't so much the kind of depressant that makes you feel depressed emotional as it is the kind that depresses your cognitive function. So drinking could make a person less receptive to whatever had you feeling depressed by inhibiting their ability to think clearly about what was making them feel so bad.
  • its more of an inhibition inhibitor than a depressant
  • It slows down your reaction time, that is why it is considered as a depressant.
  • exactly look at the way you spelled the word depessant, and now look and the spelling of depressed. yes they are similar but are refferenced to two different things i.e. depressed is a referece to an emotional state. where as depressant is in reference to a classification of drugs.
  • alcohol acts as a stimulant first; it's fermented sugar, and sugar is essentially compartmentalized enegry. it burns through your body way faster than other food & drink, which leads to the lethargy and depression when it is leaving or has left your system. alcohol is unique that way; it's also the only thing in the world that can keep you cool and warm you up...
  • As the old song says... "I'd rather have a bottle in front of me Than have a prefrontal lobotomy Two different ways to kill the pain the same" Being depressed is painful. A moderate amount of alcohol dulls the pain. Unfortunately, too much alcohol dulls everything else and leaves the pain that much worse in comparison....:-P... . . (Note: video contains PG-13 language) . .
  • Alcohol is called a depressant because of what it does to the body--I doesn't make you depressed. People who drink are usually not depressed---it relaxes those who enjoy relaxation. But unfortunately plp abuse it when depressed to numb the pain of realty problems to manifest the characteristics of a alcoholic.
  • It's a vicious cycle, they drink because they are depressed and alcohol is a depressant so they get more depressed so they drink because they are more depressed. etc. etc.
  • Because they think if they drink enough the problem will go away but what they dont realize is that the problem will still be there when they get back to being sober so i mean it makes the pain go away for a little while but it will always be there no matter how much you drink...ive had many nights i have done that...not a smart thing to do it only makes the pain worse sometimes...
  • Maybe because depression brings thirst or heat so they drink water to cool themselves.
  • They try to change the way they feel -- from a depressed mood to a happy one.
  • i guess to try and make the pain go away. i tried drinking when i was depressed, but i didn't like it. i only like to drink when i'm in a good mood.
  • They drink cuz the want to numb there depresstion when in fact drinking makes u depressed....I know there has been times when ive gotten so drunk that i just start crying like a baby and when i sober up I realize that im depressed about what i was crying about....
  • 1. Because it is a temporary reprieve from the real world and the emptiness they feel. 2. Because it helps them to live in the moment, if only for a few hours, and to forget the fact that they don't like themselves all that much. 3. Because once you start using substances as a coping mechanism, its extremely hard to stop. From a non-practicing alcoholic TheJester
  • im depressed and drink alot the reasons for it is because it makes us feel like we are worth more when we are drunk than when we are trying tobe the person we are. im also suicidal and tried it a few times when it comes to that alcohol doesnt help. many depressed people drink because they see its the only way to get through the next day (which i do). us depressed people dont see a future and cant bare to think what is in store for us next. our pain really hurts and nobody understands not even family, i didnt get help for 3 years while being depressed, but in november i attempted suicide and thats when my GP got hold of me to get help, she trys hard but i cant see a future. ive attempted suicide twice after that and just this week got out of hospital. i hate it when people think depressed people are worthless when they drink,we have feelings but cant see a way out.
  • helps you forget

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