• Not at all! I would think it's just a helpful reminder!
  • if i gave my husband a list of things, he would make one twice as long for me
  • Nope it works for me. First I will not forget what she asks and then if I am watching the game I can refer her to the completed list and make her wait until the next weeks list.
  • It's better than constant verbal reminders, much better.
  • In our busy world, with so many different things clamoring for our attention, how else would we be able to keep track of things if not by making lists. Now, don't get me wrong, I hate lists, but only because they never contain enough information, and because they get lost. Sometimes, if I didn't write things down for Hubby and put them on his desk, I would forget all about it, and he would never know. How can it be demeaning to keep written track of what you want? I don't get it.
  • Better than her nagging at you. Its the "Honey-Do" (honeydew) list. Don't feel that she's being mean, she most likely is a list person (i know I am!) and probably has her own to-do list.
  • Some guys should already know what needs to be done around the house and I don't think its demeaning, but tells the oaf he can't remember squat.
  • It's called a "Honey-Do" list and it should be like a gentle reminder of things that need to be done. You should be able to make a "Honey-Do" list in return. Where it could get demeaning is if the consequences of not getting everything done are harsh.
  • I'm a pretty forgetful guy, and while I'm not married yet, if the list was just a loving reminder, I don't see how I might look at that as demeaning. Just my thoughts!
  • Not if he never helps around the house. However, if he helps, then it is very demeaning.
  • no not at all... for me its a necessity as having a shot short term memory its a big help
  • No some may need a little motivation and some would just rather have a list instead of trying to find things to do.
  • Personally, I think it's all in the intention and if the wife does her share of chores too. Maybe the husband is forgetful, or doesn't exactly know what he can do to help. The list might be good here. If the wife just doesn't want to do any chores and is giving the list to the husband so he can remember to do them all- that's a different story. In marriage it's all about give and take, and doing your share to keep it going. Housework is all part of the marriage that is a whole picture.
  • Not at all - lists can be great communication tools.
  • Not unless the list starts with Dear Lazyass..... Round here we talk about what needs to be done and we each make our own lists.
  • I don't think it is demeaning. I think it is a good idea so things get done that need to get done. It also helps to remind you. If they don't all get done. There is always next week. :) However, I don't know any man who would like it. I guess cause they have their own list of stuff that they need to get done and it just adds to the stress. If they think it is demeaning. Ask them to make a list of things they would like you to get done.
  • Not demeaning, understanding that I forget stuff. I get working on one project and forget what the others were. The real gotcha is prioritizing them, because what I want to work on first never seems to be what she wants done first.
  • Not really. The list she can come up with actually tends to be pretty short compared to the list I come up with for myself.
  • I don't make lists. I don't want my husband to feel overwhelmed after working all week. I choose my battles by asking for only one or two things only.
  • Nope. Take the list she makes and add the things you already do around the house on a weekly basis and check them off. Add the things she does around the house in her own column and check them off. Find some chorse for her to do also and add them to the list. marriage is 50/50 you work she works.
  • No, if the wife takes more responsibility for the work around the house (usually the case) and the husband is lazy or isn't willing or able I think she can make a list and that is not demeaning. Because women still make less for the same work outside of the home and then still have to do a "2nd job" at home. There are a lot of books and statistics about this (in addition to real life stories!). In my case my wife had been ill so I started taking more responsibility for the work at home and she doesn't mind if I make a list for her now. But it's usually the women and so we should just respect them & how hard this work is (boy did I learn that!) and accept the list.
  • No, why should a list be demeaning to someone. I make lists for myself and he often asks me to make him a list so we can decide what's a priority, what needs weekday prepping, what supplies we might need. The only way things get done in an orderly fashion with us is with lists and organizing.

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