• Too young to write, but give plenty of chances to work those little hand with play-dough, play with BIG leggos, squish and squeeze and scribble!
  • If a two year old shows an inclination or interest in doing so, encourage her by showing her how to do one letter at a time. Give claps and 'hoorays!' to every attempt. However, do not try to 'make' a two year old learn to write. It is quite early for this skill, and trying to force learning would be a terrible mistake. The attention span of someone that young is very short, so don't continue with the issue once the child is tired of doing it.
  • I run a day care and I teach two year olds to write. Build a lesson plan that runs a theme. Say your theme is the Letter "A". Your lesson plan will incorporate writing along with activities so it will be fun.Don't make the child sit for long lengths of time. If you can get two to five minutes of the childs time that is just fine. Repeation is the key. Finger painting manipulating the paint with the children's fingers will develop eye hand coordination. Us a composition book to let the children follow the dots of horizontal and vertical lines. Then have two or three pages of free writing doing anything the child wants. Continue this then incorporate shapes and colors. I stress do not push a child to learn. If he or she does not want to learn that day leave it alone. Let the children follow the dotted shapes and colors. Then add a song or make up a song about following the dots every time the child writes sing the song. Before you know it you will have a writer on your hands. Lots of praise is required for a 2 year old. Remember 2 year old toddlers are still learning to be patient so the little time that you can hold on to sitting for 5 minutes will do. It is do able if you make it fun not a chore. Then they will be asking you for their book to do their homework.Make sure you show off their work because it makes them so proud.

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