• My grandfather’s gold Timex, a few years before he passed. I have nothing to remember him by and I know who stole it but have no contact with this person or any proof.
  • my heart a few times
  • My car in Gary, Indiana!
  • My house has been burglarized 3 times and now I can't remember all the stuff that's been stolen. Luckily I've always had insurance for that.
  • too many times my car was broken into and the radio with my cd collection stolen. I've also had cash stolen from me as well. a precious ring, a HUGE amethyst that was my 16th bday present by my (unbeknownst to me) crackhead housemate.
  • Our apartment was robbed when I was a kid. My bank was stolen and it was traumatic for me. Then when I was a little bit older I saved my money for a whole year and bought a brand new Dirt Bike, with handle bar breaks, pegs, it was nice. I had it for less than a month when someone stole it right out of our back yard in the middle of the night. My dog at the time didn't even bark, she loved everybody and when the guy/girl opened the gate, the dog ran away to be free like she always did if you didn't have her on her leash. We never found out who stole it though we suspected it was one of our neighbors who just happened to be putting something in his trunk and driving away as my dad stepped outside after hearing the gate slam shut.
  • My neighbor stole my rototiller.
  • My debit card and a signifigant amount of money from my bank account. Also, a watch and some other small items that my college rommates took.
  • My ex boyfriend was stolen from me by a woman who was fully aware that we were together, in fact the only reason she befriended me was to get closer to him. I also had my hand bag stolen in a bar but I noticed very quickly and cancelled my payment cards and changed my door lock before any real problems occurred
  • several times. recently my money.
  • this is gonna sound really bad, but i'm so terrible for loosing things that if something of mine actually WAS stolen i'd probebly think i'd lost it. lol
  • The first item I remember being stolen from me was a souvenir from a field trip to the Statue of Liberty. The most recent item stolen from me was an XBox game, Unreal Championship 2.
  • Yes, my toolbox which was never recovered
  • I've had 17 bikes stolen, 8 in San Francisco, 4 in Mountain View, and one each in Redwood City, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Sunnyvale, and San Jose. 3 were recovered, two were stolen again, the other fell apart from heavy usage. The last four, all in San Francisco, were locked.
  • Yep. A car.
  • Small digital camera taken from my pocket on the Subte in Buenos Aires last March.
  • Yes, I've had money stolen out of my purse at work before. I didn't know it till I had my groceries rang up and totaled. That was truly embarrassing. I think that's the maddest I've ever been.
  • My car got prowled once, and they stole my daughters stroller out of it. I was so mad that they did that to her (she was just a few months old).
  • yes, held up once and lost a billfold and @20
  • My 2 binders of poems which I written between ages of 13 and 21, they've been missing for 13 years,in 1996 my ex-husband stole them. And it was like killing me from with in, these poems we're me, a big part of me, all my pain, my hate, my sadness and what little fate I had. I had the chance to confront him when he was in jail in like 2002 about it. he said he lost them in florida. "I hope one day they could find their way back to me, so I could be complete.

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