• The worst! Anyone that has no problem doing it, is a better man than I.
  • Oh dear Zack, YES. A quick story, when I was dating my ex husband, we went through a McDonalds drive thru where his neighbor worked. She said hello to him & big mouth me said "Are you sleeping with this tramp?" I was such a bitch
  • Not used to be a problem for me..but I feel alot better about it as each year passes.
  • No,I'm not jealous of women flirting with my husband.It's kind of funny to see and tease him about.As for people and things in general,if I want something bad enough,I'll work for it.It's just self acceptance and letting go of any idea of actually having control over others.
  • i think it mostly depends on the situation. i remember my friends got a scholarship that i felt i was more deserving of and i found out i didn't get it on my bd party, while my best friend came in through my door waving the mail in my face. i cried whenever i thought about it but ultimately i had to suck it up and be happy for her. definitely difficult but i did overcome it.
  • Yeah, I think that's why they call it the green monster. I would find it hard to overcome any monster, so Jealousy would be extremely difficult because it's also an emotion! But, yeah, jealousy is just recurring and irrational, many times. It's probably not as bad when there's actually a logical reason behind the jealousy, but when you're just jealous because of something small and crazy, like I am, then it's really hard to overcome. Short answer: Yes, I do.
  • I do feel negative emotions from time to time but jealousy is not among them. If somebody gets ahead in the workplace and I just stay in the same position, I just say, "more power to them" and I let it go. Jealousy seems very juvenile to me and I think I outgrew it as a teenager.
  • It depends on how much I trust the other person. If I feel I can trust her very much, then, in general, I won't be jealous very often. If I feel I can't trust her very much, then, it can be difficult and I can get jealous.
  • I think it's funny when someone tries not to make me jealous. Like sneaking a peek at another woman when they think I'm not looking, that just cracks me up. I don't generally get jealous.
  • A long time ago i would of said yes,but now i say no.
  • No, i'm not the jealous type.
  • Extremely
  • Yes and I have the green eyes to match
  • I find that jealousy is a strong emotion and if you have it about something it is hard to get rid of it.
  • Yeah..Even when i know there's nothing to be jealous about or that jealousy is wrong..
  • not at all
  • I'm working on it.
  • Yes it is...I've managed to control it.
  • Yeah I do, sadly not because of me, because of other peoples actions :(
  • Not any more. I used to get very jelous. Like when I thought my special person was not being straght up, or worse, out right lying. Of course the worst fear was an affair. I went thru this and had a way hard time beleieveing and accepting men for a longggggg time. Thankfully, I found one that I have now had for 8 years and I have to be honest, I have done some detective work here and there. Found nothing.It is an absolute joy to not be consumed by the green eyed monster anymore. But, none the less, VERY VERY hard to get over. Easy with the right person! ;)

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