• Keep your patches and service packs updated, and this not only goes for the Operating System its also for all the softwares which you have installed on your PC. You can also enable firewall on your PC. Install an antivirus scanner on your pc ( AVG is freee) and first of all do not give out passwords to your friends and do not leave it as a post it not on your monitor. Hope this helps. G.
  • Simple: change your passwords
  • report it
  • Some times its just a tread... SO be patient and change your password and make it hard. but do it after some time. may be hacker are waiting you to online.
  • First, you should make sure where the hacker news come. It is a way to confirm it is an official news source, in case you are used by the hacker itself. When you confirm the news source is safe, you need to change your password of that email, and make sure you don't use the same email address and password for your other internet accounts. If you do use the same email and password for other accounts, you'd better change them right now and keep each account a unique password. Tips could be available in the article:
  • Change your passwords
  • not sure how they know but nnaybe you need to change your password
  • First thing I did was change my password and it stopped like a fly under the fly swat. Then change it again.
  • Who is telling you your emails are being hacked, be careful scammers do this to gain information, check the validity of the source first?
  • change you password
  • sept 2022...... change pass word ..make it a hard password as well...... be careful the person who told you is not a scammer ..scammers ring ya up and say stupid rot about ya computer and then some people are tricked into telling them all their private information .{{{{{ they are scammers }}}}}..never tell people on the phone or in ya email ya personal information ..they steal ya money and identity

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