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  • H#ll no, spark it up! =P
  • I don't think people who smoke pot are "stupid" I have nothing against people who smoke marihuana just as long as they don't smoke near my daughter. Is not me who's smoking it and who's going to get brain damage so more power too you
  • Those are just the ignorant people in our society, I smoke weed on the weekends and I have been doing so for years now. It doesn't affect my ability whatsoever and they have scientifc studies going on in britan that are showing signs that marijuana is more beneficial than people think.
  • Everyone has to have something to bitch about, that's why. Also, people can't mind their own business.
  • I have many relatives who smoke pot, and when they do they act like nonfunctional laughing zombies. I myself have try it before and dislike it. Overall I don't depend on any type of substances to make me feel good. Anyone has their own free will. Just be considerate of second hand smoke

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