• Yes. To tell them you were delayed, but you should be there presently. What other reason were you looking for to call into work? Certainly not to sham an illness, right? :o)
  • Here are the reasons people in my office called in today: - bronchitis - stomach flu - kid has stomach flu - traffic court - doctor appointment - meeting at child's school - traffic tie-up (coming to work but late) - have to wait at home for cable company
  • Yes, the weather is nice and your in need of a little alone time. :-)
  • If you are sick, that's a good reason. If there has been a death in the family...but ONLY if there has actually been a death in the family.
  • You've got the virus at both ends! In other words stomache flu
  • At this time of year all you have to do is say you are sick, but then you should be prepared to share your symptoms when you return.
  • This week people have told me: 1. I don't have a sitter 2. My girlfriend doesn't have a sitter so I need to watch her kids 3. I'm sick 4. My kids are sick 5. The roads are too icy 6. I can't find a ride 7. My ex-mother-in-law has to have surgery 8. I'm in jail 9. I looked at my schedule wrong and didn't know I had to work Feel free to try any of those if you need an excuse. . .
  • It's better to take a day off before you get sick. This prevents the sickness. There is NO acceptable reason to work yourself sick. My favorite "excuse" to say is "I need a personal day off today. Yes. It's personal." Any professional business has no business to know anything about my personal life. Get used to it. Be professional about it.
  • Just tell them that you are having eye problems and you just can't see coming in}
  • You can't get out of bed, your child is VERY sick or a death... sorry those are the only good reasons.
  • your tags are bad on your car and have no other way to work or somthing happened on your block and the cops have it closed off

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