• First of all, I like your username. It gave me a few good laughs. As to the question, I think it depends on your past behavior. If this is truly your first breach of faith, then maybe you deserve a second chance. You should also take into account how extensively you "touched" her private area, whether she came onto you, or whether you flashed her some cash. If you think you didn't do anything wrong after considering the above, buy your girl some flowers and beg forgiveness. Otherwise, head back down to Mexico for some more fun! (Just Kidding, of course.)
  • A second chance with whom, the stripper? I'm sure she'd be cool with that. She doesn't have to trust you; she's mostly in it for the money.
  • honesty is not the best policy. no second chance for you. you cant be trusted to lie when it is necessary.
  • That is up to her, but be lucky if she does! I say she needs to hook up with a male stripper and have some fun and have a friend video tape it! Also, you were in Mexico and touched a strippers chacha? Hope you washed your hand immediately. Too many diseases out here now to do that kind of stuff.
  • YOU SOUND LIKE A CLOSET HOMO! How could you stop and kick a beautiful Mexican girl around like that. You should be put on trial. As far as your girlfriend is concerned you must find a handsome Mexican dude and allow her to sit on his lap and fondle her private parts. Put it all on U TUBE... This is the only way out for you at this time. Do it - we will be watching.
  • girlfriends, boyfriends, booze, and mexican strippers don't mix. first of all, if you want her to trust you again, swear off what you can - booze, mexico, strippers. of course, she's hurt. do you deserve another chance? only if you don't think you do.
  • do you want the stripper to give you the second chance or your girlfriend
  • Only your girlfriend can decide if she is prepared to give you a second chance. If it was me, you would be gone.
  • You shouldnt have told her as long as you didnt actually have sex with the stripper. Your girlfriend may never trust you again but if you promise not to drink unless you are with her, maybe she will have more trust in you. Maybe it was just that you were drunk that you were tempted to touch the stripper. I hope you know that in Mexico those strippers could give you any sort of sexual infections because there are no laws about them having to be healthy and checked by a doctor every month for infections. You had better remember that. and dont let it happen again.
  • No. But if you get one Realise you'll have to not drink ever again w/out her. You've made it very hard for it to ever be fun again for yourself&her.Everytime your out now "hmmm maybe he stopped at a stripclub today" You werent drunk when you went in there. Just going in the first place says it all.I wouldnt put myself in the middle of a bunch of guys whose job is to try to get me.Get it? Let her do something&u just take it.Still wouldnt be enuf.It would be revenge.You really wanted that girl at the time.AA buddy
  • Why the hell didnt you keep youre mouth shut? If you are that guilty over it, then dont go to strip bars. If youre girl doesnt give you second chance, for essentially doing nothing (not too mention how pathetically honest you are), then she doesnt deaserve you. The feminization of this country is pathetic. When are men going to start acting like men again? All men go to strip clubs and have a few drinks and, believe it or not, get lap dances. Then they go home to their wives.
  • Let me get this touched her private area and then kicked her off of you? Sounds fishy to me.
  • I'm not your GF, but if we had been together a while I would forgive you (as in not break up with you) if you agreed not to go to strip clubs anymore.
  • I don't know man. I think you deserve a second chance. I mean you realized you were doing something wrong and ended it before it could turn into something much worse. Trust takes time. You can't just force her to trust you. You will have to earn it.
  • Welcome to Reality, Friend, where one of the hardest rules to understand is "Never cheat, but if you do (and we are all human), never tell." Your sense of guilt should have been self-contained where it could have served to motivate you to better behaviour without hurting anyone. Now all you have is a destroyed trust and an emotional basket-case for a relationship. So, man-up and fish or cut bait...either you want your gf or you don't. This "do I deserve a second chance" crap is indecision and waffling on your part. If you want her, tell her so and figure out a way to regain her trust. If you don't, then let her go and save her the trauma of being dragged through an emotional gauntlet. time, you'll know better.
  • john john is a pig! i hope you are a woman in the next life!
  • man... you pushed her off you? hmmm, thats fishy. trust is hard bro, if she is still talking to you. well thats a good sign. second. did you flash the cash? or did she just sit on your lap? boozzin with out her creates a non trust period. take her with you and show her she can trust you. other wise dont go at all, and earn her trust!!!

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