• I do. His name is Derick. He's a great guy. I don't even hold it against him that he is Canadian.
  • lol, i just was going to ask this question. Really random. We had a staff questionair at work to see if we were happy, and all the questions(12) were along the lines of , do you get recognized for good work? etc then the most random one of do you have a best friend? Anyway im blethering on, (sorry) so the answer to your question is , yes i have two best friends at work. and my bf is there :D
  • i cant find a job, wish i could, not having one keeps me from making friends cause i dont have anyone to hang out with all day like you would at work
  • I usually make friends easily, so I have friends at work good friends. But my BEST friends are usually in my personal life rather than at work.

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