• They can be signs of pregnancy (what ever uneasiness in throat means) or they can be signs of the flu, the cold, cancer, many other illnesses which have fatigue and variations of body temperatures and I assume you mean itchy/scratchy/gagging feeling in the throat. You can rule out pregnancy with an at home pregnancy test. Different products suggest different times to use - usually 10 days to 20 days after ovulation. Even if the test comes back positive it could be a false positive. There are a few "womanly issues" that can mock symptoms of pregnancy and raise the Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) namely tumors and a few cancers: teratoma and Choriocarcinoma. There are also some medications with HCG in them. Now if you had unprotected sex during ovulation that your chances of being pregnant are high. Even with protections you run about a 2% risk of pregnancy. I'm not saying that you ARE pregnant, I'm trying to explain that there are several (many) things that could be happening.
  • well that previous answer mentioned cancer an awful lot which is just depressing! i am in the same boat. 10 days after ovulation feeling grotty and bloated a bit sick, tired, need to pee, nipples look weird and dark.. all signs of preg but prob a touch too soon to get an accurate result on a home preg test. did you use contraception? is your period late?
  • go take a pregnancy test if you want to find out if youre pregnant

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