• Key grip is the head grip. They're in charge of all other grips, camera operators etc.
  • He's the lead grip, kinda like the supervisor of the grips, the go to guy when you want to get something done by them (the guys who handle the equipment, cameras, dollies, lighting etc.)
  • Im a grip for the school plays.. we make all the magic happen:)
  • The key grip is the head of the grip department. Grips bounce, diffuse,and cut and shape light and are also responsible for specialized camera rigging and safety. The dolly grip, which is what I do, is responsible for moving camera platforms.
  • the guy who holds the keys to the restroom.
  • Definition: The key grip is the head of the set operations department. The key grip works with the director of photography to help set up the set and to achieve the correct lighting and blocking.
  • In collaboration with the Director of Photography, the Key Grip works with his crew of Grips in coordinating with the Electric Department to control set lighting as well as with the Camera Department in camera setup. The Camera Operator controls pan and tilt, but actual camera movement forward and back, up and down, and side to side through physical space is controlled by the Dolly Grip with a dolly or crane. The entire Grip Department works in coordination with the Electric and Camera departments to create each setup. While the Dolly Grip works closely with the Camera Operator, the other Grips work with the Electricians to light and prepare the set according the to instructions of the Director of Photography. Electricians are in charge of setting and powering the lighting units themselves, and Grips have the equipment to control the light. Production Grips set C-stands, flags, and provide safe rigging for set dressing, lighting, and camera equipment. In the meantime, Rigging Grips prepare sets for shooting ahead of the main unit. Brian Dzyak Cameraman/Author IATSE Local 600, SOC
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  • A key grip is the one that is in charge of the grip department.During shooting they work with the director,key lighting member,and the cameraman.The grip department is in charge of scrims,and the effects of the lights on the camera.They also set up for the camera dollies.I have worked many times in the grip department on movies and TV shows.

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