• A sick one. Absolute power and know.
  • Of course he made the giraffe after all!
  • What need has God for "humor" when he has nothing to laugh about?
  • oh HELL YEAH.....why else would he have allowed Trump to be born? or Dick Cheyney? or any of the Bush 'boys'..........ugh......
  • He has to have a since of humor, after all He created us didn't He and look how silly we all act!
  • Does He have one - yes, but you'd never find it in the scriptures. The Bible talks about His having a sober/serious mind. There are many who say the name Isaac proves He has a sense of humor since the name means laughter. However, He made Sarah give Him that name because she laughed at the thought of becoming pregnant in her old age. His making her give him that name is actually more of His way of slapping us in the face for doubting His promises - not because of a sense of humor. There is not one example of God having a sense of humor anywhere in the entire Bible that I've ever heard of. He must have one though since He invented it.
    • Linda Joy
      He is the author of all our emotions! I know He laughs at me!
  • Do you think He has conversations or just sits there in utter silence? What sorts of conversations do you think He might be engaged in?
  • Yes because he thought it would be hilarious to creat men who are never willing to stop and ask for directions.😄

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