• For the Love of Money
  • Sorry for a couple of hip hop songs but here goes. Money in the Bank - Lil Scrappy I Get Money - 50 Cent Money, Money, Money - Abba Money - Pink Floyd Money - The Beatles There are many many more but I dont have ALL DAY ; )
  • Straight from WIKI: "Money, Money, Money" by ABBA on the album Arrival "Money" by Badfinger on the album Straight Up "Money" by Charli Baltimore "Money" by Choking Victim on the album No Gods, No Managers "Money" by Gamma Ray on the album Heading for Tomorrow "Money" by Girls Aloud on the album The Sound of Girls Aloud "Money" by The Human League on the album Crash "Money" by Michael Jackson on the album HIStory "Money" (Jamelia song) by Jamelia on the album Drama "Money" by Laura Nyro on the album Smile "Money Song" by Monty Python on the album Monty Python Sings "Money" (Pink Floyd song) by Pink Floyd on the album The Dark Side of the Moon "Money / Kill Me" by Space "Money" by Suede on the album Sci-Fi Lullabies "Money" by The John Butler Trio on the album Three "Money" by Vitamin C on the album Vitamin C "Money" by Yes on the album Tormato "Money (That's What I Want)", a 1959 hit single, covered by many artists, including the Beatles Money (album), an album by KMFDM, released in 1992 "Money" (single), a single released by KMFDM in 1992, prior to their album "Money", a song by Serj Tankian on his first solo album Elect The Dead I thought of the one by the Beatles as soon as i read the question. I have had the Beatles on my mind lately as my DH gave me the 'Help' DVD for Christmas this year.
  • She works Hard for the Money.
  • Money - Pink Floyd, Money for Nothing - Dire Straits
  • Money for Nothing by Dire Straight
  • no, dont know of any
  • Pink Floyd Money

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