• A typical 2-year-old has a vocabulary of about 50 words, although some have many more. source: This link has lots of great info regarding language and cognitive skills of 2 year olds, this link is for other ages:
  • Its very important to remember that each child develops at a different rate. I have a little boy who is almost 2 and his vocabulary is probably about 100 words. His cousin is the same age and her vocabulary is only about 50 words. Another big difference between the two of them is that my little guy can only string 3 words together at a time, but his cousin says sentences with 5 words. I wouldn't worry if your 2 year old has not reached the "milestones" that your doctor or baby books are suggesting. If they have not, they have probably exceeded another milestone. For instance they may not have a large vocabulary yet, but they could be able to build a 2 foot high tower with duplo blocks. While their best friend already knows the alphabet but is not steady on his feet.
  • It depneds, every child devolps at a differnet rate. At average it is about 50 words but that doesn't mean a thing on intellengence, Einstein didn't say his first word till the age of 4.
  • I am in the process of having my 2 year old son's speach assesed because he only has about 25 words, and some o them are words that he made up that mean something else, for example, he says "lala" for any older lady so I think it means Grandma? And "Bo" is what he says when he points to a car. Anyways the speach therapist said most 2 year olds have about 250-300 words. That seems like a lot to me but thats what she said.
  • Einstein was also autistic. If your child is having trouble with speech at the age of should talk to you pediatrician. The signs and symptoms of Autism become apparent by age two.
  • I very much agree with Jarvismom, my son is going to be 3 in about 4 months and his vocab is not that great, it is about 70 words, he can only string two words together, but he also can count to three( not very cleary), he also makes all the animal noises. His cousin and him are opposites, one can talk good but is not steady on his feet and didn't walk till 18months and my son is a runner and jumper and very good with his motor skills but can't talk as well.
  • Most kids know an avarage of 20-50 words by the time they are 2. My daughter just turned 23 months and she says at least 104 words. She can count to 10 and can even count to 3 in spanish. She was a preemie, I had her 2 months early. I had my son full term and she seems more advanced at some things then he did when he was her age. Girls mature faster than boys or so I hear. I wouldn't worry if your 2 year old doesn't talk well. Some don't even talk until they are 3, so just give it some time :)
  • i have a 2 year old son and he hasnt said dada or mama all he says is ball . i have taken hime to the peditrician and was advised that this is normal should i be worried ? very concerned
  • It depends on the child. My first only said about a half of mangled word by 2. My second one was singing at 9 months and delivering speeches by 2

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