• Maybe his marriage is stale. We always look back to our old flames and think "what if". That can drive you crazy!!Maybe he's not happy with his marriage. I am in the same boat myself. Sometimes i wish we could do it all over gain. Go back in time and do things differently. But, the fact is ,you guys are married with children. It may seem exciting that someone from your past has revealed this to you. Given your present situation, i wouldn't go there. Too late buddy!! He should have made a move back then!!
  • No, he's telling you that he had feelings for you in the past. That doesn't necessarily mean that they are current, or he is willing to jeopardize both your marriages by doing anything foolish.
  • probably but i wouldnt go out with him if youre both married
  • So? It's just a conversation starter and he's probably messing with you. If he didn't have balls to ask you out then, think nothing of it now.

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