• Probably the best place that you could possibly offord, preferably not in a bar environment. They want the doors held open for them (all doors, especially the car door, including shutting the car door after she is in), and not because they can't open them themselves, but that it is your privilege to do so. You should order for her, for that is a great indication about how willing you are to please her, so you should order something at least as expensive as what you get, but nothing too extravagant. The kiss decision is a touchy issue. Some women wouldn't like a frontal one on the first date (too forward), but a peck on the cheek could work well. To play it safe, be as courteous and open as possible without being awkward, but no hand shakes or high fives obviously!
  • What, kiss in the FIRST date!
  • Romantic dinner (Doesn't have to be expensive, but linen tablecloths are impressive.) Movie Kiss (Cheek is a great/safe option, possibly briefly on the lips. You really have to play it by ear based on the connection you feel at her door.)
  • For me it would be wherever he felt most confident and at ease, basically in his element that way he would be relaxed and confident and not stressing about anything. And yes I would kiss on the first date if I liked the guy and he leaned in for it. I like the kissing!
    • Linda Joy
      Do not order for her. Hopefully she has a mind of her own and knows what she wants.

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