• I am ranked against my peers by a series of tests and essays. So far, so good.
  • I think I am. I'm a nanny and since I've started working with the family I'm currently with, the children's behavior has improved immensely. Their parents just finished a nasty divorce, and relations between them haven't gotten any better. Both parents have been trying for the last two years to be the "favorite." They spoil the kids rotten; never say no, always buying them stuff, taking them out to eat, etc. I've been the most consistent positive influence in the kid's lives for a year now, and it shows. They behave excellently for me...and throw giant tantrums for their mom. I'm working on her, too, though, lol. She's gotten better about not spoiling them so much since she's seen how they behave for me and how I am with them versus how they are with her. So yes, not to toot my own horn, but beep beep :)
  • Yes,I think so.People buy my product.
  • I would say not really good but at least somewhat good or i wouldnt have a job. I can always be better but my profession is always changing so its gets harder and harder to keep up with.
  • My customers request me and NO OTHER!! :):)
  • I think I'm pretty good at writing. Most of my articles get an upfront offer and I'm able to pay my bills with the money and the page views I get. Check it out. This is what I do in life:

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